Josh Peck Eats His Last Meal On Earth

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Today, Josh is cooking Josh Peck’s last meal. Last Meals Ep.5 Subscribe to Mythical Kitchen: …

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  1. SheyD78
    SheyD78 says:

    Gotta say Josh is a better man than I. If I see a raccoon about to be squashed by a tractor, that's gonna be a flat rat. I ain't risking myself for one of those bin divers.

  2. Richelle Howland
    Richelle Howland says:

    Can you just make this a thing? I love you both in videos together lol Yall could do a series around trying weird food or something. Idk 😅 Would love to see more of you guys together though!

  3. brent biles
    brent biles says:

    Okay this gave me an idea for a Mythical Kitchen episode. How about one where you have someone on with severe Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis. Fix all the foods they wished they could eat if they weren't sick, then eat the stuff yourselves so they could enjoy vicariously. Stop me if this sounds too far out. You could call it "Real Last Meals"


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