Jain Tawa Pulao | How To Make Jain Pulao | Tawa Pulao Recipe | Quick & Easy Jain Recipes By Ruchi


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Jain Tawa Pulao | Jain Recipes | Jain Rice Recipe | Tawa Pulao Rice | How To Make Tawa Pulao | Pulao Recipe | Easy Pulao Recipe | Capsicum Pulao | Best …
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  1. Arham Shah
    Arham Shah says:


    This is NOT Jain. Butter (Makhan) is a maha-vigay. It becomes abhakshya when it mixes with your saliva. Please don't put butter but use clarified butter (Ghee).

    Thank you very much

    SHREYA JAIN says:

    I was searching for jain tawa pulao recipe and found what I really needed to try out. I would definitely try this out. Thanks and please share more jain recipes. I love to try new recipes but only jain recipes so it's difficult to find out a perfect taste. Kudos to you 😊👍🏻

  3. Neelam Jogalekar
    Neelam Jogalekar says:

    Once again, it's Ruchi to the rescue 😋😋😋 This tastes amazing 🔥🔥🔥 and the Pav bhaaji masala makes it very easy to make…❤️❤️ until 11:15 am I didn't know what to do for lunch and right now at 12:45, I am posting this comment with my tummy full of spices, veggies and rice❤️❤️ Lots of Love 🔥❤️


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