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Trying to figure out what to eat that is optimally healthy (especially THIS healthy) can be difficult! This recipe is Paleo, perfect for the AIP diet, Candida diet, …
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  1. Wyn Andress
    Wyn Andress says:

    And I see this just after eating a bowl of steel cut oats with organic blueberries, hemp hearts, almond butter and Stevia. LOL I will definitely give this a try as I do struggle with candida and was considering going to get some kind of kit, so, I really appreciate this video! Thanks 🙏

  2. katerine re
    katerine re says:

    I loved the video a lot! I have been trying to find for a video like yours that really educates the ideas in this video! 👌 🧑‍⚕️Your vid is like the channel of this new health enthusiast Doctor Ethan. Ethan's explanations are for sure insightful and I learned a lot for finals. He is the helpful Dr on YouTube and he explains medical school.

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