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  1. Rivet Gardener
    Rivet Gardener says:

    Love a good beef stew and dumplings, and yours looked just about right. I know it is sweltering hot right now, but soon enough it is gonna be soup, stew and chili time when the weather turns cold! What a great recipe. Your biscuit dumplings were perfect, reminded me of how we made it when we were kids. Sometimes in a pinch we also roughly chopped up flour tortillas and they fluffed up nicely in a stew. Beautiful stew, Rick!

  2. Susan Ryman
    Susan Ryman says:

    I make chicken and dumplings regularly and this method using cut biscuits at the end is the best. I’ve made scratch dumplings And frozen but thee re the best. We don’t like the fluffy ones just this kind. I’ll try beef for a change. 🐾🐾

  3. Penni Jones
    Penni Jones says:

    Holy-moley! That looked sooo good! I've used biscuits for chicken n dumplins for many years. But never thought about using them in a beef stew! Brilliant idea! Such an easy and healthy dish. I have to try to eat healthier. I'll be going thru surgery and chemo and will need to eat even when I don't feel like it. I LOVE my Instant Pot! Thank you so much for your recipes, ideas and tips! It's always nice to see your notifications pop up! I always KNOW you have something in mind that's yummy, yummy to the tummy! Lolol! Tell Dexter Hi for me! Hugs!


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