Inflation Overwhelming You?

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Join me today for a small grocery haul and a few tips on fighting inflation in these challenging times.

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  1. Glenda McMaster
    Glenda McMaster says:

    if you save about 1/2 cup of the buttermilk you can add it to a quart of regular milk and leave it out on your counter for 24 hours and you will have perpetual buttermilk. Saving 1/2 cup from that batch and repeat.

  2. Crazy 4 Retro
    Crazy 4 Retro says:

    Hi Kym! Thank you so much for another informative and interesting video! I'm still thinking about pumpkin muffins.😋 Norm will enjoy them too. I would love to get a bread machine soon. It was really surprising to hear how inexpensive it is to use one! We just bought another refrigerator/freezer today to replace the one that broke down in our basement. I'm excited to have even more room to stock up on some things. We now have 3! 😁
    Plain bleach wasn't even available in our grocery store yesterday, as well as many other things.😕 Thanks for all your tips!💚

  3. Cedar Rock Cabin
    Cedar Rock Cabin says:

    FYI: last week the GV coffee creamer was exactly as much as yours. My husband just got back from Wally and got another creamer & it is now $7.24. the shredded GV cheeses went up since last week as well.

  4. Diane B
    Diane B says:

    Absolutely Kym. Love your cooking videos and any you do. Would be great if you do! We do have a garden but not doing too good. We are in a drought in our part of NY. It’s been very hot.🥵Afraid to water much as we have a well. I’m so over summer and I’m looking forward to fall also. Stay safe! 🙏💕

  5. Kimberlie Rauton
    Kimberlie Rauton says:

    Thanks for all your sharing today I like the long videos before the pandemic started I started using bleach tablets you only have to put it in some water and let it dissolve so I use the old bleach bottle and let one dissolve and use it as needed because it and if it sits around for a while it will go bad and at that price we don’t need nothing to go bad Us

  6. letitbe known
    letitbe known says:

    I always learn and enjoy your videos! We live on one income, and I had two visits to the ER and also 2 crowns and a root canal in the last month or so… the medical bills after insurance are mind blowing. I do have a full freezer and a small stockpile which will certainly help as we get the bills paid. We have cut back in so many areas and can always do better. I do a sourdough friendship bread for my breakfast or gifts and keep the 2 cups to bake in a freezer bag for when I am ready. I will continue to enjoy all of your videos and continue to stock up as much as I can. As a side note… my guilty pleasure is Littel Debbie strawberry roll ups and keep them in the freezer. The used to be .99!! They are now, less in the package and 2.50 on sale!

  7. Ocean Girl
    Ocean Girl says:

    Great Ideas Kym, It’s definitely hard to go to the grocery store these days! I like your short videos as well. I am thinking of making my own bread too now it’s almost 5 dollars a loaf for a good sprouted bread these days. I would love to see more bread recipes with grains. 🤗🙂

  8. Jayne Lymer
    Jayne Lymer says:

    Hi Kym, that's a yes to the recipes would really interested in the potato flake bread, I have some instant mash just for a back up but like you I'm not a big fan so any uses would be welcome, I tried it in fishcakes but they weren't a great success. I think the prices for the essentials seem to be going up at the fastest rate. I'm just trying to do my best by stretching everything out. Your t.shirt is great Kym very cute !! Looking forward to seeing what you have coming up for us, lots of love to you, Frankie and your girls 🐾💕🐓💖 Xx

  9. Cedar Rock Cabin
    Cedar Rock Cabin says:

    I remember when you could get pot pies for 25 cents in the 1980's. When my dad was out to sea in the 60's, on rare occasions mom would make chicken pot pies for dinner. It was even more special if she was able to get the ones with a bottom crust! Fond memories! We don't have them often, but when I became an adult and could afford it I was an Oscar Mayer hotdog and bologna loyal fan… until recently. I steer away from cold cuts & hotdogs, but when I want a meat & cheese sandwich I go for the worst; bologna. Both OM bologna & hotdogs have gotten so grainy they're off putting. I finally tried Bar S and Gualtny brands. I have found there isn't much difference to me anymore. Definitely not enough difference to justify the price. We haven't bought the squirty drinks in forever and nearly had a stroke when you said the price! 😵 I met a friend in town yesterday; we hadn't gotten together in about a year. The little mom & pop shops now require a $10 minimum purchase before they will accept plastic. Thank goodness I was prepared as I expected to see 'cash only' signs. My very first purchase was a $6 item. Out of habit without thinking I took out my card🤦 and was politely told she couldn't accept plastic for purchases under $10. We ate at a mom & pop sandwich shop, nothing fancy. I got a strawberry salad with almonds, fruit, goat cheese, no drink. It was large and fresh. My bill, with optional tip, (they don't wait on you) was $18 and change. I was shocked but didn't say anything. When I got home I looked at my receipt and the salad was over a dollar more than was written on the chalkboard on the wall.

  10. Debra Hill
    Debra Hill says:

    Would love baking recipes – is it possible to make a low calorie bread. I’m on WW and really limit my bread intake well I’m diabetic too so breads have always been limited. But I’ve been buying a keto bread because it is very low WW points but I don’t buy often. It was $6.94 yesterday which I didn’t realize cause last time it was cheaper. I did have a $1.00 coupon but that’s way too much to spend especially since I won’t eat all of it. :(. I’m relatively new to watching your channel but have been subscribed a while. Just recently retired and my income is a lot less than it was and I thought I was on the edge then so working on ways to cut back. Also trying to decide how to sell crocheted items. I am very experienced and make everything from christening dresses, sun hats, trendy boho tops to baby blankets and afghans. Now that I have time to crochet I need to stop giving everything away and at least get my cost back and a little profit would help. Do you think in this economy it is possible to do that – I feel it is luxury now cause you know the cost of yarn is up too. Thx again for your tips.

  11. soapygal
    soapygal says:

    I'm ready for cooler weather and to get back to bread making with my bread machine,so recipes would be enjoyable! Also ready to get my fall soaps made,we set up at a fall festival last year and did well,so we're going back this year! Do you sell at any festivals?

  12. BB Bae
    BB Bae says:

    I was in shock last night. After grocery shopping my bill was $75. Salmon at $6 per piece. salads, milk, bread. I was not buying unnecessary items. It's crazy.

  13. Betsy Hills
    Betsy Hills says:

    I also purchased some Banquet pot pies. I have implemented an old way of keeping my self on track with food….I’m rationing (eating smaller portions). After a couple of days I realized I didn’t feel deprived. I was actually satisfied with less! Drinking more water and no caloric beverages! Kym, anything you want to show us how to prepare will be awesome 😃

  14. Lisa D's Hillside Homestead
    Lisa D's Hillside Homestead says:

    Dollar tree bleach! All I can afford now days.
    If its not on sale, I don't buy it…unless it's an absolute must. I meal plan around what's on sale. Only way to survive. So glad I have been stocking up for awhile. It's insane how the prices have skyrocketed. And not done yet!!

  15. BrenS
    BrenS says:

    I make a lot of my own bread and rolls. We enjoy them so much more and I enjoy kneading the dough. Great therapy! I don’t think your videos are too long and all you have to do is watch the rest later! I enjoy cooking videos with new old fashion recipes that don’t cost a fortune to make! Keep on keepin on! Love your videos. I’m a Buckeye, too! 💕

  16. Betty Barber
    Betty Barber says:

    Great idea for making convenience recipes at home. I do enjoy the shorter videos only because I have never gotten over the feeling I should be doing something else rather than parking myself in front of you tube. I have never learned to completely relax if other things await, cleaning, gardening, etc. Guess at this late age I won't change. I marvel at all you do. Enjoy the day fall is on the way!

  17. Owen
    Owen says:

    Good morning Kym, I buy only essential items and will spurge maybe once a month I prefer home made bread but I still will buy some breads I try to set a budget each week and not get to much only what will be used 🙂 Would like to see more baking and cooking videos 🙂 Hello to Frankie 🙂

  18. Christie Hedges
    Christie Hedges says:

    I usually make my own bread by hand. Got a $5 bread machine at Goodwill but found that I like the whole hand made experience better. Just before July 4th I bought a loaf of Walmart cheap dollar bread for toast cause I was so busy I didn't want to take the time to make homemade. I found the remainder of that loaf in the back of my cupboard a few days ago and it was not moldy! What kind of preservatives must be in it for it to last a month?! Lol

  19. Victoria Johnson
    Victoria Johnson says:

    My solution to inflation is implementing frugality in every area. Cutting all waste of everything. Cutting unnecessary purchase. And only cook what i know will get eaten and only enough for each person to eat appropriate portions.


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