4 Quick & Easy POTATO Recipes that Will Change Your Life

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4 New Ways to Enjoy Potato Pt.2 1. Gamjachae Jeon (Korean Potato Pancake) 2. Potato Corndog 3. Kimchi Cheese Fries 4.

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  1. Vicky S
    Vicky S says:

    Living in Idaho. Think potato consumption is covered. LOL
    Try using potato starch or corn starch in the potato pancakes. Latkas was something I made all the time for my husband's late stepfather. It passed the Jewish taste test. 😁
    Going to have to try the corn dog and stew. They look so delicious.

  2. pinkrose984
    pinkrose984 says:

    Thank you for your content! You've opened my eyes to Korean cuisuine more than I had been. <3 I've enjoyed your recipes and so has my family.

    Video idea: Recipes to help you feel better when you're sick.

  3. Tony Bossaller
    Tony Bossaller says:

    “Add five tablespoons of Korean pancake mix” and then Aaron shows four. 😉 Hehe. Wonder how viewers many missed that? Looks tasty I will have to try to make these! Thank you.

  4. Nereida Bonilla
    Nereida Bonilla says:

    They all look delicious I'm going to try the potatoes pancake and the corn dogs tomorrow. How does Claire keep so thin she's beautiful you both are awesome I love your videos keep up the good work


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