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The Best Way to Preserve Food – 25 Year Shelf Life – Home Freeze Drying – Harvest Right – The Hillbilly Kitchen There are many …

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  1. M
    M says:

    Loved your video as usual. But at the end you said the bible says that God helps those who helps themselves. I couldn't find where it says that? Could you please expound on that. Thank you. And just know, I really do enjoy your videos and I think a great deal about you.

  2. Judy Hazell
    Judy Hazell says:

    My mom lived in the depression times she always said you never know what could happen. She always said the Bible says to prepare that is so true Jesus I trust in you. God Bless see you next time. Thank you again.🙏❤

  3. Randy McPhink
    Randy McPhink says:

    This Not My President administration has screwed everything up and they are doing it on purpose, just so people become reliant on the power to be. Give me my President back, give me Trump!!!

  4. Eraina Smith
    Eraina Smith says:

    Hi Becky I love your channel…are u sure that what u heard or read was from the FDA or the USDA (department of agriculture)? I located some very nice articles from USDA in the subject. Are u able to at least post one link from the FDA I’d like to check it out.

  5. Ruth Kirch
    Ruth Kirch says:

    I lost my youngest daughter 10 months ago and she made a bbq meatloaf that she didnt write down a recipe 4! I have been trying 2 copy it and I want 2 thank u cuz this is the closest 2 it! We all missed it! Thx again!

  6. Rebecca RS
    Rebecca RS says:

    Yes, Becky, Jesus IS a coming back soon!!! All the signs Jesus gave us are coming to fruition now!!! The earth is groaning with the destruction that mankind has put on it! Lakes are drying up, wildfires are destroying the forests , the rain forest is being destroyed at an enormous rate! There will be a food shortage soon because certain mankind is making sure that food is not harvested as we need! I could go on, but the End is very near! Jesus will take care of His own, especially those who keep His commandments and have the faith of Jesus! It’s good to prepare, but having the right relationship with the Lord is what will save you! God bless!

  7. Jeri P. Maltby
    Jeri P. Maltby says:

    Good lord I started putting back when you know who got 80mil votes..
    I also put back items to barder with peanut butter and jelly ect. You will need your neighbors Iam thinking of them too. They laughed at me at first but now I see they are putting back now too.

  8. Linda Stansbury
    Linda Stansbury says:

    You are one of the very few who are doing videos like this to help us be prepared for the future and I appreciate you for it. One very important difference between this video and others like it that I've seen is that in this video you actually demonstrated how to properly prepare and store food that you've freeze dried yourself. You also went into detail about what tools to use and the dos and don'ts of long term storage. I'll be using this video as a guide and will be coming back to it many times as I learn more about being prepared. Bless you!

  9. Snoopy
    Snoopy says:

    Hard times are coming. I truly believe we will have WW3. If anyone knows anything about the Nostradamus effect the end of the world is coming. The knowledge I know from being in the Army ty nuclear weapons we have today would end life as we know it. I do pray this doesn't happen but with what's going on it's a possibility that we will be our own destruction.

  10. Erna Julianna Primo
    Erna Julianna Primo says:

    Thank you Becky, we truly all need to wake up and hear the truth I believe in the Bible and trust in our Lord and we NEED to wake up and prepare for what's coming and what is already here the prices have truly risen (I'm in NC) things I usually buy I have just looked at and left on the shelves because of the prices. And every time I go to the store I notice how they re-arrange the shelves to hide what they are short of. We have the MRE meals and a stockpile of rice beans etc I just need to store the rice better and the dried beans
    May Our Lord Bless you and your family always for all that you give to us your recipes your talks sharing your life with us Thank you!!

  11. D Cool
    D Cool says:

    I love your channel and your just a big sweet heart. Keep your sails strong and your eye on the horizon. Working hard and being honest without lots of rest burns the candle at both ends sweety. Take time out go for walks relax in a lazy boy chair nap enjoy your own time with your self. It's ok and your body and mind will thank you for it. Be safe I love'ya keep up the good work ☺️👍

  12. Meryl Dykstra
    Meryl Dykstra says:

    Very informative. I remember Mountain House from my '79 and '80 Appalachi as n atrail thruhike ( was much younger then). I'm wondeting–is that dehydrator a permanent fixture of your kitchen now? It sure takes up a lot of space…???


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