How to cook Perfect Rice In Pressure Cooker-Perfect Basmati Rice In Pressure Cooker

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  1. snigdha singh
    snigdha singh says:

    Kabita ji..I have been watching your videos for I guess 2 years starting from the day I tried to cook. I remember your video of karaki kurkuri bhindi, kofte, pulao, baingan Ka bharta ( even remember Aapne Kaha tha Aapke gaon me aise bharta bnate hn lehsun mirch bharke) .. have already appreciatrd your videos quite a lot of times again this recipe of cooking rice in cooker is just perfect .I tried it today, I am a learner and don't know properly how to cook, so have been making rice in pan, have always worrier to make it in cookies as the ratio of water would go wrong as it always goes while I cook daal..but today I tried your recipe and the rice turned out to be perfectly cooked. I also tried your pulao few months back they also got cooked properly.. I like the way you explains the procedure..there is so much patience in your voice, it seems like you are here only and guiding me while I cook. Recipes ingredients quantities are always perfect and you try to give precautions also ( as you mentioned not to add extra water and pressure cook rice just for 1 whislte only) .. so recipes are always precise and accurate plus videos are not too lengthy to get bored while thank for this video.. I saw your chapati videos also .though inspite of 1 year practice I still have not been able to cook proper chapati which is fluufy and soft, but will keep trying . I request if you can make one video on how to get rid of lizards😜 as there are many in house and I have tried many desi methods but couldn't get rid of them . And also a video on how to save dals from small insects.. I have placed Dal in airtight containers, have added turmeric to them and even placed neem leaves to prevent insects still bcz of humid conditions here my dry fruits, Besan , daal and peanuts have been infected… Thanx. Stay blessed

  2. Klaus
    Klaus says:

    The receipe is much easy as I thought it would taught me yesterday but I forgot it so searched this and got help from your video. Thank you mam

  3. Shilpa Ramdas Dhatrak
    Shilpa Ramdas Dhatrak says:

    आपने जो कूकर दिखाया को कितने लिटर का है? कौन्से कंपनी का हैं? तीन आदमी के लिये चावल बनने के लिये ठीक है क्या? प्राईज कया?

  4. Rashid Ali Khan
    Rashid Ali Khan says:

    Pata nahin Ghar per mummy log kaise banaa leti Hai 🤔
    Bhai sahab khud Se khana banana bahut hi mushkil Hai duniya ka sabse tough kaam lgta hai
    Kabhi namak kam Hota Hai to Kabhi masala
    Kuchh Na kuchh jal hi jata hai😭
    Jinke ghar pe Hazaro nakhre hote the aaj unhe yaha khud ke jale hue bhi khaane ache hi lgte hai


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