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We are over three months into the building phase thus far. I’ve upped my calories to over 3600/day and I’ve steadily ramped up my training. Just like the prep, …
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  1. Sara Emily
    Sara Emily says:

    Superb Savage, thank you so much for this video! Love the methodical approach.
    Do you take a rest day every 4 days throughout the whole year, regardless of the type of training you are doing? What do you do on the rest day?
    Do you also do the deload week on the fourth week, through out the whole year, regardless of training style?
    Do you intuitively feel the need to do these practices, or do you do them proactively? For example I often have energy in the tank after CrossFit which is good bc then I can use that to do everything else throughout the day. So I’m curious what it’s like in your experience.
    Endless Gratitude! Learn the most from you!


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