Homemade Tamales and SO Much MORE!

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  1. @dgunnison815
    @dgunnison815 says:

    I am looking for the equipment that you use. Do you have a location to buy from or an Amazon store? For now I am looking for an air fryer and an instant pot.
    Need some help, please 😊

  2. @debrahunkeapillar2267
    @debrahunkeapillar2267 says:

    Becky, I have been watching you for several years, but I must be honest with you. Why are the ads taking so long? It used to be a mere few seconds, but now each one is nearly a minute. Is this you, or YouTube? It sure makes the videos less enjoyable

  3. @LMPblue
    @LMPblue says:

    I was just thinking about how you could be our gen's Ina Garten and you immediately said something like "if you don't have your own homemade sauce, store-bought is fine" cracked me up 🙂

  4. @innerding
    @innerding says:

    Hi Becky, Another option for your Mexican rice. A Mexican friend taught me the same technique you used, toasting the rice first then add seasoning, and tomato sauce mixture, what takes it upon a notch is to add approx. 1/4 C of frozen peas and using a vegetable peeler, peel long curls of carrot cut in half add to cook with rice. Your tamales looked amazing. One of these days I’m going to take the plunge and try making them. I’m in Texas and we have large Mexican grocery stores where I can get all the amazing ingredients so there is no excuse.

  5. @truthseeker6370
    @truthseeker6370 says:

    I Love tamales! Bless your heart for going through such Great effort to make them all by Yourself! Tamales are supposed to be a Group effort!I'm sure they were amazing! I like to cook…but just No to making homemade tamales! I sure hope your husband is exceptionally appreciative of what you do.

  6. @keelaeldridge8487
    @keelaeldridge8487 says:

    Becky, I soak my corn husk couple of hours before making the tamales. I can’t tell when you started soaking yours but they do require some soaking before making the tamales. Otherwise the husk will break apart. And a lot of times I do the meat one day and then the next I actually make the tamales.

  7. @katliven
    @katliven says:

    A couple of easy steam methods is to use the husks themselves on the bottom, kinda bunched up, or just make large rings out of aluminum foil to keep them up. 😊

  8. @katliven
    @katliven says:

    I make tamales using a wood flat spatula to spread the masa (same style as for sushi rice) so that speeds it up and also just holding the corn husk in your hand when adding the meat. And yes an assembly style is the best if you have additional people helping! One can add the masa, one adds the meat and one folds ❤

  9. @andreaf5497
    @andreaf5497 says:

    Looks delicious. Tamales are my favorite 😍 Born and raised in Texas so I have eaten more than my fair share of tamales. Lol I have never made them myself before though. I might have to try it. And I love tres leches cake.

  10. @zydneyperez554
    @zydneyperez554 says:

    Hey Becky! Next time, you can grab masa from your local Mexican market which is already prepare with seasoning and lard but you would probably have to add some melted lard. For the husks, you can use a 5 gallon bucket and add some hot water with something heavy on the top like a mortar for 10-15 minutes. For the pork, it should be like a bright red thick sauce. It shouldn’t be so watery.

  11. @kathyl4692
    @kathyl4692 says:

    Becky, I’m so glad you finally tried to make tamales. My family has been making them for many many years at Christmas time. I actually buy my Masa already premade from a local Mexican store. Make my New Mexico red chili in the blender and cook my pork meat in the instant pot. The last few years I have been cooking them in the instant pot SO much easier than trying to steam them in a pot. Place 12 tamales standing up on top of the rack in the instant pot add one cup of water., Cook on high for 18 minutes let naturally release for 10 minutes then manually release the remaining pressure. Let them cool down a bit and set before eating. But after doing this way, I will never steam them on a regular pot again. I should add I make about 13 dozen at a time. So the instant pot makes it quick

  12. @1RodeoMom
    @1RodeoMom says:

    You can make a Rhubarb sauce for pancakes or over shortbread and freeze it for later. I so miss Rhubarb from the north!! I still am pushing myself to make homemade breads and rolls, but we have decided to sell our home and finally build on our 10 acres so we are busy painting rooms and get house ready to list. Also to keep up on our garden which is struggling this year since we have been so wet this spring. Anxious to get to our land and start our new garden plot when that happens.

  13. @heidipustelniak652
    @heidipustelniak652 says:

    I use my steam convection oven set on “Steam Broil” to get the skin off chiles. The steam keeps the chile from drying out in the high heat. Works great! My mother used to just held it over fire of a gas burner.

  14. @adriennesmiley2920
    @adriennesmiley2920 says:

    Everything looks amazing, Becky! I've been wanting to make tamales so thank you for sharing your experience with us. The tres leches cake looks delicious! I've made one a few times and now use a plastic straw to poke holes before pouring the milk mixture over top. It seems to absorb more quickly and evenly into the cake. I think it's so fun that you host these themed dinners for your family! Thanks for bringing us along!

  15. @marcelaa.4116
    @marcelaa.4116 says:

    Soy de Argentina, nunca hice tamales, aunque en el norte de mi país se preparan de forma tradicional. Me ha resultado muy interesante este video. Todo se ve delicioso. Y la mesa, hermosa. Te felicito Becky, y agradezco tu trabajo. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  16. @vivianbeckers2800
    @vivianbeckers2800 says:

    Your rhubarb looks realy great and so big. My rhubarb is small and looks not good at all. The stems are hollow on the inside. Maybe it is the wet weather here in Luxemburg. It was lovely to see your video again and your inspiration. Your mealsare looking so delicious again.


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