3 CHEAP, Dump & Go Diabetic Slow Cooker Recipes for Weight Loss, Meal Prep, & Blood Sugar Control

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Looking for budget-friendly, healthy recipes that are perfect for individuals with diabetes, aiming for weight loss, and blood sugar …

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  1. @deroy2829
    @deroy2829 says:

    Can someone help an old bachelor out. How can I make this in an insta pot? I was told that anything you can make in a slow cooker you can make in a pressure cooker, but I wouldn't even know where to start.

  2. @mikegallegos8532
    @mikegallegos8532 says:

    I'm new to the Pre T2D – on board with all the changes I've made (with help from my amazing girlfriend and supportive friends) I'm trying the second recipe tonight (sausage/coleslaw)
    So grateful for your channel and insight.

  3. @veronicasommer5513
    @veronicasommer5513 says:

    A chef told me to think of an onion like an octopus. The roots are the tentacles of the onion. Keep those on the onion as long as you can because once you cut those off, they release the venom that will make you cry.

  4. @charlesdarnay5455
    @charlesdarnay5455 says:

    Always cut your onions from north pole to south pole, not through the equator. You will cry a lot less if you make slices that way from top to bottom, rather than rings through the middle. Try it and see for yourself.

  5. @pinkyuzu
    @pinkyuzu says:

    Get that knife blade wet. Onion has a chemical reaction with moisture, so you want it to happen on the knife, not your eyes. Cover any leftover with a damp paper towel.

  6. @stuartpierce121
    @stuartpierce121 says:

    I really appreciate. This video. I have regained weight been back on keto. Week. I do feel better already. I have a family one teen. They eat what I make for dinner. Sometimes run out of ideas! Don't want to think lol thanks Jennifer 😊

  7. @tomika7455
    @tomika7455 says:

    Hello Shelly, nice to meet you. This was my first time watching your video and I really enjoyed every minute of it. I will be watching more of your videos so that I can help my mom prepare more healthier meals. She has diabetes and I’m going to change some of my unhealthy eating habits so that I want become a diabetic and to help me lose about 15 lbs 😆😀. Love the accent because you sound like me. I’m from Florida and my favorite is “ boo boo” and I know I’m a lil country with a whole lot of sexiness 😂 love your jolly spirit Shelly. Thanks

  8. @livefire4433
    @livefire4433 says:

    A couple things I have tried. Put your onion in the freezer for about 10 minutes before cutting. Wooden toothpicks hold by your teeth middle of mouth and purse lip’s like your gonna give a peck kiss.

  9. @sharonnunn3385
    @sharonnunn3385 says:

    These look great! I love my slow cooker. Don’t know if I shared it before, but wet a paper towel and spread it out on the counter next to your cutting board. The onion fumes gravitate toward moisture. Having the wet towel there will keep it from getting to your eyes. I have dry, sensitive eyes, and this almost always works for me! Unless it’s a super strong onion – sometimes it will still get me.

  10. @LiveANoursishedLife
    @LiveANoursishedLife says:

    Ok Shelly, you won't saying anything but I am. Those ppl talking rudely about your kitchen or whatever else is simply that, rude. It's uncalled for. Anywhoo, love the recipes especially the first two! I love chkin thighs! Lately I've been making a lot of egg loafs or muffins with eggs and cream cheese(base ingredients) and flavoring, blend and bake. Gives me French toast without the bread LOL. I'm in the process of packing to move and easy meals are perfect right now! ❤️

  11. @rh3722
    @rh3722 says:

    Perfect timing with the chicken thighs. Have some that needs to be cooked today but wasn’t to excited about them, but now I know what to do with them. So easy and looks very yummy. Thank you.❤️


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