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TandooriChicken #IndianFood #Recipe Tandoori chicken is one of the most loved Indian dishes. It’s not always easy to create that restaurant taste at home …
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  1. BILL Storm
    BILL Storm says:

    I absolutely love the simplicity of your recipes. Indian food in New York has become one of my favorite ethnic foods. However, I've never tried cooking recipes at home. It always seemed to me that there were so many ingredients in Indian dishes that it would be too time consuming to try. Keep up the four or five ingredient recipes. So far I've tried your flatbread and several chicken dishes. This is next up. I do like to substitute ingredients sometimes. Never used ghee. Hopefully a quality butter will work.

  2. The King In Yellow
    The King In Yellow says:

    I always love seeing you with your family, man! I'll definitely have to give this a shot, I've only ever had tandoori in restaurants, and I love that enough as it is, so I'm certainly excited to try out home cooked tandoori.

  3. Tanvi Thakur
    Tanvi Thakur says:

    You know Sahil, I have seen your several videos.
    The alluring part is how basic is your kitchen and also your pots and pans. Nothing fancy, just regular kitchen stuff.
    Unlike other cooking videos with fancy ass lighting and ultra massive kitchens.
    Yours feel “homely” and hence something we can easily tune into.
    Thanks man 🤘


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