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  1. Sirajeddine Chahbani
    Sirajeddine Chahbani says:

    Thanks for the recipe, really like that it's quick and efficient!
    One question though since I'd like to make it for my son: since the alcohol in the beer does not evaporate at 40 degrees, does evaporating it (at 78 degrees) affect the tastes and fermentation results of the dough?

  2. HoneyBee
    HoneyBee says:

    I like the long-form bagel recipe, personally. I like slow-cooking over several days! I'm curious how this turns out. Interesting!! I already see the beer, and that's definitely a good tip for quick fermentation flavor. Great job Brian!

  3. Sam Stretch
    Sam Stretch says:

    Brian! Your well thought through recipes have changed the way I operate in my kitchen. I make your NYC pizza about once every two weeks and it's fool proof (pun intended). I cannot wait to give these bad boy bagels a go. Thanks for being excellent.

  4. Holly T
    Holly T says:

    I love your videos. In case you are ever bored and looking for ideas 😊 could you show us how to make El Maguey’s or Rosalita’s cheese dip. I’m a fellow St. Louisan and would love to know how to make this at home.

  5. SuperSonicPain
    SuperSonicPain says:

    This video was made for me, lol, I've been meaning to make bagels, but haven't had the time. I don't really know much about beer though, is there any specific kind I can look for on the label for me to know its good for this recipe? Like "IPA" or "Lager" or something?

  6. Debba
    Debba says:

    Appreciate the recipe, totally workable! I just wish I could get some guidance on making egg bagels. They've been my favorite since childhood. But you throw in some eggs, it changes everything. So far, I've made some really nice, eggy bread rolls… 😔

  7. calvinthegreat
    calvinthegreat says:

    Hey Bri, trying this today. Just figured I'd ask, if I follow the exact recipe but my dough is shearing a bit when I pull it before the first proof, A) is that much of a problem B) how would i fix it?

    A little extra context, I'm at high elevation and its a bit humid cause its been raining.

  8. Scoobtoober29
    Scoobtoober29 says:

    Bri, love this concept. For the long ferment ones I've only done. I dabbled in 1,2,3 min boiling. I'm guessing you tried that. I hope. I've tried honey, sugar, baking soda and lye for the water additive. Lye is definitely my preferred one, honey next. Good crust and color. Check a lye calculator, do not just dump it in. It's a tiny amount per unit of water. Get a fine fine jewelry scale to measure.

  9. mvmnts
    mvmnts says:

    I made the pro level bagels so I already had everything I needed for this video, and I used the bagel boards too. I live in an area where my only choice is Einstein bagels so I don't really eat bagels too often, this is another reason why you're one of the best on youtube right now!


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