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  1. @mzbebe408
    @mzbebe408 says:

    Hey BGA! You gotta put all of the seasonings in there or it’s not gna taste right. With the spam u should try squeezing some sriracha and lemon with it and cook it how ur suppose to and also add some sliced jalapeño… it’s fire 🔥

  2. @helariejane111
    @helariejane111 says:

    Yummm! My favorite! 😋 all the flavors of pancit canton are all really yummy! Add all the packets of seasonings and soy/oil next time, it’s gives the best flavor! 🥰 I love you guys!! 🫶🏼

  3. @myriahmichalski3362
    @myriahmichalski3362 says:

    This looked bomb, I know I would love this…. I need to find that fried garlic, where did you get it? And those noodles?
    I just wanted to tell you Nate that you are such a kind and caring person, you treat your family with so much grace and love. They are lucky to have you. Family is everything and I always love to see the love. I was raised the same way….

  4. @zoeynlyrqq
    @zoeynlyrqq says:

    I was recently on your vlog live earlier last night. I made a comment from your previous live pertaining to drake. You misinterpreted what I said about my daughter and then called me the b word. When in a previous live you said you don't condone name calling. I don't understand how you could misinterpret what I said, say some very out of line things about me, call me a b****, you don't even know me. Yes, I may be taking this personal but I started following you because of your personality and how I saw you vibe with everyone on your channel. You would give people shout outs including myself. As much as I don't want to take what you said to me personal it did sting but I'm saying my peace and moving forward. I wish you and your family all the best.

  5. @sarahawk857
    @sarahawk857 says:

    Love you Nate! So saddened about Mariah…but that woman is SO strong. That’s often why we get attacked.m by lower vibrational beings. The light ❤My heart goes out to that strong, brave woman. She will prevail & succeed. Love to you and M (Mariah you’re a rockstar) & Mama Dove. So much love for you all❤❤❤

  6. @ambersvibincookingandmakeupbea
    @ambersvibincookingandmakeupbea says:

    Good Morning ☀️😃🌞 @BigGuyAppetite Here Watching The Replay Been Watching My 2 Nephews For My Big Sister Ashley She's Sick Please Say A Prayer She Gets Better Really Soon I Know This Filipino Food🇧🇦🇮🇶 Is Gonna Be Delicious And Yummylicious Hi Mariah And @MamaAppetite Next Time Invite @LaGordizEats Over And Cook This For Her


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