Best Healthy Vegan Veggie Ground Meat Substitute

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Veggie Ground 1 head of cauliflower 2 medium carrots 1 onion 3 cloves of garlic 16 oz portobello mushrooms (**) 2 tbsp Italian …

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  1. @cherylbazemore3120
    @cherylbazemore3120 says:

    So last night I made your veggie ground. I said something is missing, the salt. Well I brought it to work and had my meat eating co-worker try it. They all love it and said I have a business. But they are wrong. I'm not feeding them everyday. Thank you so much. I enjoy all of your videos. I hope we can meet someday. I'm on the east coast.

  2. @JosieCat13
    @JosieCat13 says:

    This is so amazing! Since I found this recipe, I have made it 3 times! We’ve used it for “loose meat” sandwiches, taco salads, tacos, hamburgers, and much more! My husband said he craves it! It’s a keeper!❤ (and, we love the walnut crunch!)

  3. @terryrobb4058
    @terryrobb4058 says:

    I am 74 and been an omnivore my entire life. My daughter is a vegan and in the last few years I have added more plant based meals, days, weeks to my eating plan. My biggest problem was weird ( to me ) ingredients and lack of flavour.
    I made this today and even ad I was prepping the Spice list gave me good sense that this would be tasty. And.. it is ! Can hardly wait to use it for Mexican dishes and a company Shepherd's pie. Unfortunately I can't upload a photo here, but it looks so much like cooked ground meat and give a nice mouth feel.
    I am so glad I found you channel, via Reels on FB.
    Thank you !!

  4. @miraiedits
    @miraiedits says:

    Have you heard of phenylhydrazine in mushrooms? I'd be interested in your thoughts on it. I'm unsure of the English term, I tried translating it from Swedish. But basically, in Sweden where I'm from, the authorities recommend only eating 3.5-7 ounces of mushroom a month or so. This applies to button mushrooms and portabello. Apparently the toxin is reduced when the mushroom is cooked, but still. Do you have any thoughts on this? I really like mushroom and I'd love to use it more in my cooking, but those concerns get to me.

  5. @dmcarden
    @dmcarden says:

    I f8nally did it. Unfortunately i realized i need a food processor, only had a blender so had to add a bit of water to mske it work. But, i included the jackfruit aling with mushrooms. It's 2am and I'm up here eating, the spuces are great, this is just amazing!! So to make hamburgers from it do you put them in the oven or do you fry? THANK YOU for this.. vegan/pescatarian for 2 years but i think with this channel i can go full vegan this year.


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