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A great pressure cooker under $50.00.
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  1. Anjela424
    Anjela424 says:

    This is the pressure cooker I have and I have been looking for recipes….all the "pressure cooker" recipes seem to specifically be for the Instant Pot

  2. amber mead
    amber mead says:

    Pressure cookers scare me so much. I'm afraid to try them. I remember them seeming like the devil watching the steam release. It looked like the devil on my grandma's stove! Haven't even used one because of those memories. They scare me!

  3. David Cornwell
    David Cornwell says:

    We got everything in that video Rick, a really good Pressure Cooker for under £50 or the equivalent there off, we got Dexta (that most awesome flying nephew of mine) and one of your clocks chiming away, what clock was it, Rick?

  4. mixedupjo
    mixedupjo says:

    I am SO GOING TO BUY THAT COOKER! I hate the stainless pots. I invariably get the dreaded "BURN" which makes it unfun to cook. The non-sticks are hard to find. Presto makes one, and I knew Farberware did also but the options on Amazon are upwards of $60. This is a heckuva good price for a nice piece of equipment. Good find, Rick! And the chicken/broccoli/potato/cheese dinner looks yummy, BTW.

  5. Patricia Hartless
    Patricia Hartless says:

    Thank's Rick for sharing information . On your pressure cooker . I like this one . Want to get me one . My son bought me a air fryer . Got to read about it . Your dinner looks delicious . All of you have a great evening . Good to hear Dexter .

  6. RetiredSchoolCook
    RetiredSchoolCook says:

    Very nice new pressure cooker , happy cooking with it . Farberware does make great pots and pans , my mother loved her set of Farberware . Rick your meal so tasty and good , extra delicious with the bacon and cheese .

  7. Ken Gevers
    Ken Gevers says:

    Looking good as a meal Rick. Helpful hint, a maybe strap a microphone on Dexter so he can deliver the commentary while you do the work.
    ha-lol Thanks Rick for the new p/c. Cheers


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