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  1. More Than Mom
    More Than Mom says:

    😩😩😩 finally getting caught up on some old videos on my watch later list and I'm so sad I missed this giveaway 😭😭 my knives are 11 years old and I'm in desperate need of replacements lol love youuuuu great video!

  2. Paula Leach
    Paula Leach says:

    Isn't air-fried tofu just the best? I love the texture you get. I prepped fruit (strawberries, green grapes, & cantaloupe) this week. I tend to not be very good about always getting in enough fruit. I eat so much more fruit when it's prepped ahead. I really appreciate your instant pot lessons–keep them coming! Have a great weekend!!

  3. Elena Vegana
    Elena Vegana says:

    Girlfriend!!! You are so inspiring and ambitious! I really need to start doing meal prep! On the days I work, sometimes my family isn't sure what to make for dinner and i get home after 7 so it's late to start dinner then, plus i don't want to do much after a 12 hour shift.. lol I'm with the other subscriber about the plastic, I was really gung ho at the beginning of the year.. I was working towards zero waste… but it is so freaking hard! It is just not possible sometimes, but we're still working on it the best we can, so i getcha girl. I looked at the link you posted for those containers and the plastic ones are currently unavailable. Do you remember if they're BPA free? 'Cause, yeah, if it's something i'm going to reuse over and over again and it's BPA free.. it's something I would buy to send to school with my kids. and i have sent glass containers to school before… and it came home in pieces. lol. I didn't get a notification that you had posted a new video and i was worried for a second! lol I want a fresh new video!! Oh good.. i found one! LOL Have a great night, sistah!! <3

  4. Victoria King
    Victoria King says:

    What??? 5,000 subscribers?? Am I surprised? NO!! Your amazing!! Than you for making my life easier!! Love this video!! Really like that knife!! Love ya!!!!💕💕💕

  5. Molly Elizabeth
    Molly Elizabeth says:

    Watching you cut the fruit with that beautiful knife 🤤🤤🤤 haha. I've been dreaming about sharp knives for so long. I just bought a new one and it was only sharp the first few times. I guess it wasn't as good quality as I thought! I was unable to slice a tomato yesterday because of it. How frustrating. Too bad the giveaway it US only but I'm so happy you've reached 5K subs! You and your husband are such rays of sunshine and I hope your channel continues to grow. Oh, that tofu!!! 😍

  6. Sara G Maurizio
    Sara G Maurizio says:

    Omg I just placed my order for that sushi roller thing that you have an the knife would go great with it. 🔪🤞🏼🔪🤞🏼🔪🤞🏼 oh and I cannot forget, great video. I've actually been searching vegan food prep all week. Lol have a great day.

  7. PrettyD
    PrettyD says:

    Omg congrats on 5k Kimmy. You've been growing so fast. I'm so proud of you. Great meal prep. I definitely need to get one of those instant pots.

  8. Sara Kennedy
    Sara Kennedy says:

    I love these types of videos. I've been on a kick of watching vegan/gf meal preps. Although I love cooking, it's nice to spend some time on a Sunday and cook all day and have meals for the whole week. Definitely would love more of these from you as well!


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