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Kusina ni Zaina presents Baby Back Ribs so tender it is Fall off the bones. We used Instant Pot to cook it and it turned out great soft and moist. If you like this …
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  1. Hey Pinky
    Hey Pinky says:

    New frienny here. Gosh Zaina, hindi kinaya ng ilong ko! Super cute mo and smart. Also talented when it comes to cooking. Gulat naman ako sa lutuan mo ng back ribs. Thanks for sharing this aromatic and delicious recipe. Keep it up
    – sino po pala gusto free hugs, iwan ka lang karne sa bahay. Tapos mo, ipaghanda kita. See you all po

  2. lLove MySelf
    lLove MySelf says:

    My very first time to watch that the Chef is a charming and smart little lady!! Unique video! And a great content too! I do really enjoyed watching your video!! Thanks for sharing this kind of video. Before I forgot food looks really yummy and delicious! Great job little lady.Keep on vlogging🤗☺️😉.Waving from Incheon South Korea


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