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My “FAMOUS WINGS” (as my kids like to call them) This is my take on sticky wings made in my new INSTANT POT DUO CRISP & AIR FRYER. Ingredients …
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  1. Sunny Life
    Sunny Life says:

    Great Demo.If your taste gd , just imagine using different season.
    Go to a Caribbean muslim or Indian store and get their seasoning. Try it and let me know.Even the Paprika is so much better…or if you have a Home Goids , Tj max look for the season in the food area from small business sooo much better.
    Adobe has no flavour in my opion…
    But again , I use farm chicken that in itself taste way different.

  2. Kreig Hirstius
    Kreig Hirstius says:

    I caught the 6 qt on a black Friday sale for 73 bucks and couldn't pass that up. Love my new toy and can't wait to get some wings going. I have a 8 qt lux that I will use for those big meals…lol

  3. Woman_after Yahweh's_Heart
    Woman_after Yahweh's_Heart says:

    LISTEN THAT SAUCE THOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY I JUST WANTED TO EAT IT ON MY RICE ON MY BROCCOLI ON MY WINGS!!!! It was soooooooo good! Thank you for sharing!!! Who would have thought that would taste so good…I would love more instant pot recipes. Just bought one and this was my first recipe. They turned out perfect. Zero leftover :))

  4. Jaay1029
    Jaay1029 says:

    Wow! These wings look so good.I really don’t wanna do the Picken. But I really wanna a peace of that chicken …. Hold a plate I will not be late ..Ummmmm!!! Daddy Love you ! B


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