Easy Pork Roast with bonus recipe! 15 minute prep! ❤️

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Watch to learn how to make the perfect pork roast for your family whether it’s for a Sunday dinner or the holidays this is sure to …

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  1. Sandra Richardson
    Sandra Richardson says:

    Jill—may I add something off the wall here?
    I just watched a video where a guy built an aquarium (concrete box basically sitting on the ground—down here you see something like that at a fresh fish market….they might have it full of catfish with an aerator in it.)
    Then above it he built a couple of rows of piping that had holes cut in each pipe down the length of it in which plants set. These pipes were connected and water from the fish tank was pumped through the pipes.
    I was thinking it would be a warm source for seedlings in the winter; plus you'd have fresh fish when you wanted it.
    I know I am a late bloomer on a lot of things. But I was amazed how this could provide fish to our diet as well as fish fertilize to plants.
    Here's the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z7aVlujrmlg
    Just a thought. Jesus bless.

  2. Sandra Richardson
    Sandra Richardson says:

    LOL!!! Guess that okra figured it was produce or curtains—take their pick.
    That recipe is just wonderfully simple…thanks for sharing.
    A friend told me to try fried okra using Louisiana Shrimp Fry. Hadn't had any okra to try it on yet but hopefully they'll come thru like yours did.
    Really thanking God for the rain for folks' gardens and for the sales on meat we're seeing. Jesus bless.

  3. Rachele Allison
    Rachele Allison says:

    Hello, I did a pork loin roast with a honey dijon mustard spread that was very similar, We both loved it. I grew up in northern USA and we didn't eat/grow okra. I have come to love it. I did add a little flour to mine but the hubby loved it. Ty for posting this. It looks delicious. Have a super day/night. Love and prayers. : )

  4. K. P.
    K. P. says:

    I just checked. Not on sale here. And, 20 cents more per pound. BTW, Jill, I forgot to tell you we got a rain "shower" 2 days ago. It was….😮😲 out of no where and it left us close to 10 inches, in 3 hours. It was crazy for sure.

  5. Wink TartanBelle
    Wink TartanBelle says:

    Yesterday I found whole briskets at Sam’s for $1.98/lb! Pork loin and butt were also pretty cheap. Hubs and I picked up about $200 worth. I broke some down after we got home and packed to freeze some portions. This evening I’ll grind some of that brisket for burgers and chili. Makes the best burgers! Also grinding some pork for sausage and meatloaf/meatball mix. We just defrosted and cleaned out the freezers to get ready for the expected fall in beef prices. I’ll can some ground meats over this week to free up freezer space again. Trying to get proteins stocked in time for harvest canning to start.
    Love your recipe! Just the sorts of flavors I favor. ❤️

  6. Drue Miller
    Drue Miller says:

    I'm a pork-a-holic, gal! I WILL be trying this recipe. BTW my okra finally starting producing. Picking daily. Planted Clemson spineless and Star of David. Clemson started blooming last week. Star of David is beginning to bloom. I pan fry my okra in bacon grease with just a dusting of cornmeal, salt and pepper. No egg. Then I fry it until it begins to turn dark. Mom says I burn it. I say hers is raw. Fun times on the hill!

  7. Melinda Hester
    Melinda Hester says:

    I found out what those drones and helicopters were doing the other night. They said it was military training. They even did simulated gunfire. Some people thought it was real,and were scared. I think they want us unnerved all the time. Enjoyed this cooking video! Love you all


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