EASY Keto Meal Prep || Using Up What We Have || Meal Ideas on a Thursday Night

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Hey yall. The kids and I are putting together some meals that will help us make it through the next couple of days. We didn’t do an …

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  1. Renee Simmons
    Renee Simmons says:

    IAM learning from you Shakima this keto diet. Especially the prepping meals planning.So yes you are teaching me.And even I don't watch you like I used to.You are still a genuine person.Iam watching you other YouTube videos as well.Iam trying to get as close as clean keto dieting.And meal prep as possible.Thank you.hint maybe some of trick.Just jokey😆😆.I really some little help.

  2. Trace B
    Trace B says:

    That french toast looks amazing! I'd never thought to make it with angel food cake but I'm totally going to try it! I follow a keto lifestyle as well and will be trying that recipe!

    Also – have you ever shared your recipe for devilled eggs? Can you believe that I've NEVER made devilled eggs? I love them but have never made them! I want to try that as well!

  3. Linda Rae
    Linda Rae says:

    I have made egg bites before, but not with cottage cheese….How was it that way? I need that cake! It looked so good a french toast. How did that taste? I need to go back through your videos and find where you showed making the soup. Love your meal preps!

  4. andreamoboe
    andreamoboe says:

    TFS some of your breakfast meal prep. At the moment I’m on a sugar free yoghurt, berries and granola kick for my breakfast plus a cup of tea and water. 😋😀☀️
    French toast looks delish! 🍞


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