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INGREDIENTS: • 2 chicken breasts • 1 teaspoon of salt • 1/2 teaspoon black pepper • 1 teaspoon of paprika • 1 teaspoon of …

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  1. Matthew Harter
    Matthew Harter says:

    Let us all join hands in prayer…for the poor Chicken, potatoes, onion, mayo and other ingredients that had to suffer this tragic fate. Father in Heaven, may they rest in peace and their souls be delivered from this attempt at internet clout. Amen.

  2. Maria Barreto
    Maria Barreto says:

    Why do all the recipes have a lot of cheese???? The cheese is not good and more when you buy it outside? It's different when you make them at home, but I see that they make cheese for everything before, it was easier to cook and everything tasted delicious???? Not now, if you don't put it, it's not perfect and that gives a lot of cholesterol because the cheese we buy has many addictives so that it can be preserved for longer? It's not really natural.

  3. Karina -Oh!
    Karina -Oh! says:

    FINALLY, I don't need a complimentary barf bag to accompany one of your meals, home girl! Not bad, I could actually see myself eating this. I only have one teensy change: at the end when you top the chicken, why is the egg and the mayonnaise necessary to mix with the mozzarella cheese and tomato bits? It seems to me that the melted mozzarella and baked tomato pieces are topping enough to cap off the meal. You need to learn to quit while you're ahead girl, really… 😁 Unnecessary calories are just like barf bags— Who needs them? 😁❤️


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