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  1. Niamh De Na Crainn Arda
    Niamh De Na Crainn Arda says:

    Wild Geese | Mary Oliver
    You do not have to be good. You do not have to walk on your knees
    for a hundred miles through the desert, repenting. You only have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves….

  2. Patty Morales
    Patty Morales says:

    I’ve made a lot of ramen noodle recipes from Asian or Korean food bloggers that are amazing. However nothing his home like a good ol instant straight from the bag or 99 cent store ramen. U know why, it reminds of what I love to eat as a kid. It reminds me of my mom making it for me. It reminds me of my dad burning his chiles to crush inside his cup ol noodles cup. Some ppl just don’t get it.

  3. practicalmagic9
    practicalmagic9 says:

    Hi…fellow (mostly) plant based eater and Caucasian here :D. I have only ever bought the two main ramen brands (Nissan and Maruchan). Is there a difference with some of the other brands I find in my local market? Or at H/K-mart near me? Do you have a recommendation for a Korean brand of instant ramen? Thank you! 😀 I love your stories.

  4. Holly Nguyen
    Holly Nguyen says:

    Oh I love this video so much! I am Viet (and vegan) and have such warm memories of my grandmother making packaged ramen for lunch from when I was in grade school, which is over forty years ago.

  5. Paula Shoebridge
    Paula Shoebridge says:

    You are amazing!! That looked so delicious. I love the fact that you took this basic pack of noodles and turned them into this beautiful, hearty, healthy and gorgeous dish!! Thank you for everything you do and oh btw trust me YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL INSIDE AND OUT!!! 💕🥰💕🥰

  6. Gaby P
    Gaby P says:

    Also I am from Ecuador and I miss my culture so much… I relate to your words. It’s important to find comfort in food when the world around us seems a little foreign (no matter how long we’ve been here)

  7. Gaby P
    Gaby P says:

    I had my boss and coworkers talking about ramen and MSG the other day and I was so annoyed. They’re the same people who eat frozen dinners and crappy junk food from fast food (which also contains MSG) 🙄 the hypocrisy is very real. I really enjoy your videos ❤️

  8. Rumi
    Rumi says:

    I'm Japanese and I love instant Ramen and I'm learning from you to use the seasoning packet in the beginning to bring more flavor and season veggies. So clever!

  9. purnima singh
    purnima singh says:

    I love ramen esp the way you, I don't cook exactly the same way..but yeah..i always prefer this over burger or pizza…cause it's one thing that I can cook when I procrastinate or am stressed, so yeah can relate with what you said🤗


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