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This is a very easy stew recipe which tastes good. You need 1 lb. beef stew meat, 1 pkg. frozen stew vegetables, 1 can (14.5 oz.) stewed tomatoes, 1 tablespoon …
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  1. ford9572
    ford9572 says:

    MMMMmm!!!! Looks REALLY scrumptious Chad!!!! We used to make beef stew in our crock pot almost every Sunday, Then we'd go to church while it was cooking and when we got back, It would be all ready to eat, It was REALLY tasty as well!! I think my Mom used beef sirloin strips in hers, She used bagged vegetables like you did also, I don't remember what kind of seasoning she used.

  2. Trance88
    Trance88 says:

    My Grandma gave me and my mom a nice old Rival crock pot from the late 70's last year. She even gave us the original instruction manual. Still need to try it out! I love beef stew! Yum!

  3. maynardcat
    maynardcat says:

    You are quite a talented self sufficient fella, electronic repair, mechanical repair,musician, and chef all in one.The stew looks really tasty, and I think I 'm going to get out the old crock pot and try my hand at making some. . It was snowing and cold here last week, so I decided to make a large pot of homemade vegetable soup using a rump roast ., and it really tasted good on a cold snowy day.

  4. VWestlife
    VWestlife says:

    I've never tried crock pot cooking, because somehow, none of my family has ever owned one… but now this video makes me want to try it! I'm sure the flavor will be better than making stew in a pressure cooker.
    p.s. Your voice sure sounds different in the morning! 🙂

  5. HD7100
    HD7100 says:

    Chad you definately give Martha Stewart a run for her money both in retro decore and in the kitchen. LOL. I love my crock pots. Gary


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