EASIEST Oxtail Pho Instant Pot / Pressure Cooker Recipe • Vietnamese Pho Bo | Rack of Lam

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Pho is a must in my “part-Vietnamese” household. To simplify the method, yet make delicious broth for my family, I use an EASY …

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  1. Steven The abc and sometimes d
    Steven The abc and sometimes d says:

    Another great recipe. I like my dad love oxtail. Because of the fat. I made your char siu the other day to impress my brother and sister in law. They loved it. I gotta get me an insta pot. I was commenting that pho used to be fast and very inexpensive. Plus amazingly delicious. But the price has more than tripled since before the pandemic. I guess we can check out other pho places to see who makes it best. We have a little Saigon are in San Jose, just like Garden Grove near Disneyland. We have been picking up boxes of pho at Costco too. But making it sounds like fun. Especially since I’m taking a few days off this coming Independence Day. Looking forward to your next videos. Thanks again Maggie.

  2. Esther
    Esther says:

    I used to work at a business in a downtown area. The cafeteria had this one young chef who made homemade pho, which was not always on the menu. I had never had pho before. But suffice it to say, once I had this young chef’s, I bought it whenever it showed up. It was soooo good. Nowadays, I have an Instant Pot, so maybe I can make a great pho, too! Thanks much for this video!!!

  3. Hylas67
    Hylas67 says:

    I totally agree, I started cook asian food cause I want to control every ingredients. I like the way u cook and film urself. It's not perfect but feels really authentic. Thanks

  4. Sherman Brown
    Sherman Brown says:

    Wife and I just watched you video on Oxtail Phó. Being from Hawaii, we love Oxtail Phó. You’ve got new subscribers. If I might offer some advice (experienced photographer & videographer), get yourself a lavalier (sp?) microphone that clips on. Sounds like you’re talking in a can. 🌺


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