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Here’s the tour of the RV and 55 and over park you have been asking for! Please join me for my frugal home tour in my RV for the …

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  1. @momof2momof2
    @momof2momof2 says:

    I live in a 55+ gated resort community in a 2018 double wide manufactured home, 3 bedroom/2 bath. The property also has a separate rv park. There are so many different kinds . I have even seen a semi truck turned into a beautiful "rv". We have lived here since 2018. I don't participate in things around here either., even though they have many, many activities., all of the ones you mentioned, including quilting, softball teams, tennis, pickleball, the list goes on and on. We have several pools and hot tubs. One is right across from our home. I live in Arizona and we get a lot of snowbirds (aka people from the north) There are well over 1,000 people here. Thanks for sharing 🥰🌱🌷💐💕💗💘✝

  2. @cynthiamurphy3669
    @cynthiamurphy3669 says:

    I had no idea there'd be that many social activities/amenities in an RV park. Nice to know they exist if you want to get more social, but I'd probably be like you. I'm an early to bed/early to rise type these days and enjoy the alone time. We camped a few times in a nice park in Tennessee when my folks took us kids down in a rented camper to Florida years ago. My ex's family had a nice place in a little holler in Eastern KY, and we always enjoyed ourselves down there in the campers.

  3. @jimmiepatrum
    @jimmiepatrum says:

    I was really hoping that you would show the interior of your RV. Thanks much! It was also good to see the park where you are living now. You are such an inspiration to those of us who want to live a frugal lifestyle. Folks need to know that nothing about living frugally is drudgery…you live well and cheerfully and it shows in your videos. Diane

  4. @vintagehomemaker9338
    @vintagehomemaker9338 says:

    "Fine tuning" the refrigerator in a camper is always tricky. It seems too warm at first and the next thing you know the lettuce is frozen. Grrr!
    We tent camped before we got a camper/trailer. I do prefer the camper.It's so much easier to have it packed and ready to go whenever you get the hankering to go camping. All you have to do is add food and clothes . You can even leave some camping clothes in it and save more packing time!

  5. @cjhoward409
    @cjhoward409 says:

    While we started building our house, we lived in our class C motorhome. My mom asked me, “do you think you’ll take your motorhome camping ?” I laughed and said “we’re camping !!!”

  6. @dorawedlock3969
    @dorawedlock3969 says:

    You haven’t camped until you take a canvas tent, sleeping bags, food, 2 little kids, a dog and need to cook on a charcoal grill and it rains for 2 days. For some reason we only camped a few times. LOL.


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