Cooking with Valkyries: Spam and Egg Instant noodles

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This is a very popular combination in Hong Kong. It’s ate for breakfast or as a midnight snack haha. Cooking with Valkyries Spam and Hearty Egg Instant …

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  1. Kayla Fultz
    Kayla Fultz says:

    Looks delicious!

    Maybe you could try the pests pasta form Luca

    Or one of the many fishes form Courage the cowardly dog in honor of the voice actress of Muriel passing recently

  2. Christina Ortiz
    Christina Ortiz says:

    Where do you get your cooking dishes? My husband has been looking everywhere for pots and pans with clip handles like that with little luck finding this kind that clip! We love your videos so much. My 9 month old is OBSESSED. We stumbled upon your channel during his "tv time", he can watch them over and over. He is so fascinated with cooking! I've cooked a few of the things you've made now, and it's always delicious!


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