How to Make ASMR Phan's Spring Rolls & Famous Peanut Sauce (FULL RECIPE)

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How to Make ASMR Phan’s Spring Rolls & Famous Peanut Sauce (FULL RECIPE) I almost forgot I wrote the written recipe towards the end of the video!

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  1. Diva Den
    Diva Den says:

    I alway was my meat ad well. Do you add white vinegar to you water bowl for thr veggies? I would definitely feel comfortable eating at your home. We always wash out can tops too. 🥰

  2. World of kb
    World of kb says:

    Hey do your kids eat these to, because I know they don’t really have a taste to them cause it’s just basically veggies no seasoning on them for real so I was wondering if your kids like them as well, I don’t have my daughter eating them at all she so picky at times😂

  3. Aidan Kamimura
    Aidan Kamimura says:

    Oh cool Phan thanks for sharing this 🙂. I love spring rolls they are super delicious 😋 😀. Which with being a fan of yours always love your Asmr videos and love you always as your fan 👋🤗☺️😊😁🥰❤️. By the way do hope that you get to visit Az you and your husband will love it 😀, which I’d have to say the nice months to come are September-March , right now currently is still really hot 🥵. But neat that your father in law loves hiking in Az we definitely have a lot of walking trails and great food places too 😋. Anyway if I get to visit Washington where you live what are the best times to visit?

  4. Poppy Ningthmch
    Poppy Ningthmch says:

    Thanks Phan. Will definitely follow these and can we substitute with steamed rice at times instead of the noodles? 😀 Also have you moved into your new place after the construction? Hope we can see your veggie garden tour 😊 ❤️ Love you


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