Cheap Crock-Pot Taco Soup That Anyone Can Make

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I show you all how to make a quick and easy crock-pot taco soup that anyone can make. Taco soup is a family favorite and I know your family will like it if you like …

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  1. Adele Hayes
    Adele Hayes says:

    Brandi, I'm so Thankful U still have this posted, I thought I had it written down but I didn't until now… When I first saw this I made it, & it was GREAT!!!! so I'm going to make it again today 2-12-21 for dinner to night along W/BBQ Pulled Pork sandwiches YUM!!!!

  2. Debbie Duggan
    Debbie Duggan says:

    Easiest way to clog your drains: put grease down them. Trust me, I learned the hard way. Now, I strain grease into a bowl, put it in the fridge to solidify quickly, then scoop it into a used plastic bag or aluminum foil, then toss in the garbage. If garbage day is several days away, I sometimes freeze it, then throw it in before setting out at the curb.

  3. N LL
    N LL says:

    I made this last night and it was super good,I added bell peppers,onions and fresh garlic to my turkey meat while cooking😋,and we had blue corn tortilla chips with it yummy

  4. Invisible
    Invisible says:

    Damn this dude low key doesn’t trust anything she says lol him: “have you ever made this before?” her: “yeah I use to make this all the time” him: “well she sAyS she made it before but idk we’ll see” 😂😂🤣🤣

  5. Virginia Reid
    Virginia Reid says:

    I make mine with chicken. The recipe is different as far as the type of beans. And it calls for onion and red bell pepper. I haven't made it with ground beef, so I appreciate your sharing.

  6. cali8973
    cali8973 says:

    I've been making this for several years, and I love it. I serve mine with the sour cream, shredded cheese and Doritos, too. It freezes really well. In the Winter, to make it extra hardy, I sometimes add some instant rice. Really makes it "stick to your ribs"!

  7. loraine spence
    loraine spence says:

    One of my favorite winter soup, except I use canned chicken. What I do is I collect all my ingredients and tie them up in plastic bag. If I have power outage then I know I have a ready meal .

  8. Alice Lawyer
    Alice Lawyer says:

    Love the new show, recipes are easy and delicious.
    Tried the chicken fried rice, breakfast burrito, fajitas and peach dumb cake .
    Great idea, keep up the good work,
    Can’t wait to see the progress of new home ,
    I find your show very comforting with all going on in the nation.

  9. Charlotte
    Charlotte says:

    I make mine similar. I add a chopped onion to the meat as it cooks, and i use hominy instead of corn.. I serve mine with shredded cheddar cheese and crushed doritos.

  10. Randy Cupit
    Randy Cupit says:

    Need good thick bowl of crock pot chilli.
    4 lbs ground beef,or deer
    2 rolls mild ground pork SAUSAGE meat 4 cups onion brown this off then wash off oil from meat under hit water.
    Return to pot slow cooker
    Add 4 cups onion
    Half bell pepper dice up
    Can beans been drain liquid wash off under water,bush pork n beans 2 cans, pinto beans 2 cans
    Whole kernel corn 4 cans
    Chilli beans 4 cans
    3 pack chilli powder
    Add 3 tablespoon of
    Smoky cumin
    Celery salt
    Onion powder and garlic powder
    4 cans Rotel tomatoes with liquid
    3 cans of stewed dice tomato with peppers
    Simmer lowest setting. Stir every 10 minutes. Good hot straight out slow cooker.
    But best when ages in pot in your refrigerator for 3 days all meats and beans soak up chilli taste Eat with crackers or crumb up some cathead biscuits in it with salas, cilantro,bit lime juice fresh Sour cream,cheese on top
    Make great taco salad Dutch
    Lettuce bowl Dorito chips crust up taco style,cut up tomatoes, avocados chilli then top with all love on taco salad

  11. Janet Ellis
    Janet Ellis says:

    We make this a lot in the winter. Cheese, sour cream and tortilla chips! We just use petite diced tomatoes. The longer it simmers the better it is!
    P.S. My husband watches you and the Arms Family.

  12. Shane Zettelmier
    Shane Zettelmier says:

    That’s funny, I’ve never heard of this before and I was just over at my moms and she made this for dinner, it’s pretty much exactly the same but without the ranch mix, we used an onion soup mix instead it was really good. When she said taco soup it didn’t sound all that appetizing but it’s actually very good

  13. Adele Hayes
    Adele Hayes says:

    Well, guess what we're having for dinner? & what is in my Crockpot as I'm typing, U've guessed it, We're having Crock-pot Taco Soup… I can't wait to try it!!!

    The only things that I've changed R as Follows;
    I put in a 28oz can of Stewed Tomatoes
    1/2 of the Taco Pkg. { I used to be able to eat spicy foods but now that I'm 63 I can't.}
    I added 1 heaping spoon full of crushed Garlic {WE Love Garlic}
    only 1 lb. of hamburger
    And the last thing that I will do is when we sit down to eat, I'll put the cheese that Dutch wanted on his & then I'll sprinkle cut green onions on the top of each bowl…. YUM

  14. itsonlymyopinion ok
    itsonlymyopinion ok says:

    love simple wholesome food and love these 'real' looking videos.. if you guys upload often, then I'll subscribe.. gonna check out other videos you guys have, found you by searching Turkey Taco Soup, daughter wanted turkey dinner for her birthday yesterday, of course there's left overs, so why not make this.. I'm already hungry at 3:15am lol lol devil working on my belly.. lol


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