Cauliflower Grilled Cheese!? We Test The Viral Recipe #DoesThisWork

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Yes, Cauliflower Grilled Cheese is exactly what it sounds like. No bread, no gluten — just vegetables and cheese. Skeptical? Well, suffice to say that Jeanette’s …

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  1. Cee Lee
    Cee Lee says:

    I love cauliflower swap outs! Great call on the adjustments to make the "bread" stick together better. I'd make this is a side dish, and I just might try it out soon!! Great videos- always fun, keep them coming 🙂

  2. Suzi SaintJames
    Suzi SaintJames says:

    Time wise: I don't think you made a fair comparison… you didn't consider making the bread in the traditional method. If you want to buy bread, you can buy cauliflower pizza crust and then proceed with cheese. Sorry, great concept, bad review.👎

  3. Dacia Helm
    Dacia Helm says:

    I was wondering about this one. I've seen it online as well. But I wouldn't have thought to squeeze the water out so mine wouldn't have worked at all. And that's even if I got brave enough to try it out. I'm so glad you tested it. Honestly after all that, I would just use the gluten free bread and save the cheesey cauliflower rice as a side dish. Thank you for testing it and for the tips. 😊
    I have trusted Rachel for years. She helped me learn to cook so much better than I did before. I was so happy when I found her way back in the beginning of the "30 Minute Meal" days. I know my family was grateful I found her show too. Lol.😉 Their dinners were so much better thanks to Rachel. But the point is if she trusts you, Jeanette, then I trust you as well. Same with Grant. I'm so skeptical with recipes and trying new things unless I trust who made it. With y'all I know it's going to be great or you wouldn't put it out there.
    I'm really enjoying this series. I look forward to seeing what else you try out. Thanks again. God bless y'all! 💞💕


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