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Vlog روتينى اليومى فى مطبخى النهارده، طريقة عمل معجنات مشكله محشيه تمر لذيذه ، تصلح وجبة خفيفه رائعه أو وجبة فطار شهى، …

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  1.  Bruno Ibarra
    Bruno Ibarra says:

    Nunca me lo esperé! Me acabo de enterar de que Martin cambio de opinión, y ahora su método favorito para hacerlo crecer es mucho más potente y rápido. A diferencia de antes, dice que te puede crecer hasta 9cm más, aunque a mí me creció 7cm, finalmente lo pude conseguir go’ogleando a Martin Finipaso.

  2. Kak Ros Channel
    Kak Ros Channel says:

    Hello Mom, how are you today? Have a nice and good day today. 
    In this video, Mommy makes cookies. They look really good. She fills them with dates. Until I watched this video from beginning to end, I wanted to try it for my family's dish in Indonesia. Thank you very much, mother, for the recipe and the process of making the cookies successful and healthy. You, along with my family, will always support and pray for this Youtube channel so that it grows and many people watch and many like all of your video vlogs. Keep the spirit to make delicious dishes in your mother's country.

  3. Masti Room Tv
    Masti Room Tv says:

    Nice recipe thanks for sharing.I really liked your content. You always keep making such interesting videos. We hope you are always healthy, long life and good fortune. We wish you success in your work. May you and your family be always happy. May your life always be filled with happiness. You will always get our support. your new friend + subscriber

  4. Yanelys Vlogs
    Yanelys Vlogs says:

    hola buenas tardes amiga gracias por compartir el vídeo qué ricos se ven estos pastelitos se ven súper deliciosos se me hace la boca agua 😋 te mando un fuerte abrazo y que tenga un feliz martes 🥰❤️


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