Beautiful Rural Life | Dinner in a Pumpkin | Autumn Homemaking

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Welcome to our beautiful rural life. Come along for a couple autumn days of homemaking. We are cooking up pumpkins in the …

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  1. PJC 18
    PJC 18 says:

    Just found your channel and am really enjoying it! I created a hamburger veggie mix, stuffed the pumpkin, baked it, then sliced it into wedges at the table. My family really enjoyed the process. Soup is a great idea!❤

  2. Simply Farmhouse
    Simply Farmhouse says:

    Not far from my home, is a old farmhouse built in 1919 setting on several acres. It has set empty for 13 years, and the lady who lived there moved out of state and moved in with her daughter. Before it is beyond repair, I hope they sell it one day. My hubby doesn't share the love for old farmhouses as I do…. he grew up in the city and I grew up on a farm in an old farmhouse. Lovely post ~ thanks for sharing all the recipes.

  3. wassupsherryb
    wassupsherryb says:

    Just subscribed to your channel, had never had your videos pop up in my feed. Just adorable and you have such great ideas. I'm quickly adopting the coca mix on the counter! Very cozy and comforting, may God bless your home and family I'll be watching. Also, my next sheets I'm going to try Brooklinen!

  4. Sarah S
    Sarah S says:

    Hi Jenilee. I've just found your channel. Thanks so much for your time sharing inspiration for us! I've already found several gems I can try out to revive dinner , especially the burger buns 😁
    Are there any favorite homemaking books or media you could share? You mentioned Little House books which are so full of inspiration. … maybe this is a video idea…

  5. reta strong
    reta strong says:

    I appreciate that you put your recipe in the drop-down box. It makes it so much easier and convenient for those of us watching videos to get ideas and we don’t have to go all over the Internet finding the recipe. Honestly I don’t save or subscribe to Youtubers that don’t put the recipes in the drop-down box. I know it takes a lot of time to do these videos, but we are all busy and I appreciate your time and doing this. First time I’ve ever seen you and very nice video.

  6. Living Life
    Living Life says:

    Make sure that you check at night to make sure they all made it in the coop before the door shut, we know of some that were killed by predators because they weren’t in the coop when the door closed and there was no where for them to hide.

  7. Laurie Lyon
    Laurie Lyon says:

    I've made cheesy biscuits, but not with cornbread. I bet they taste delicious. This video is so relaxing to watch. I hate that it is getting so cold because I love the fall temperatures. Have a blessed day!

  8. Alesha Lipsky
    Alesha Lipsky says:

    So beautiful, I loved seeing you prepare the in the pumpkin!!! That is a special and fun idea, on that kiddos will remember. I am going to have to try that one!!! We eat a lot of soups and chilies this time of year. Thanks for your time and talent! Also your daughter helping you reminds me of my daughters doing this same. They love that time in the kitchen with mama. Sweet

  9. Jeanne Porter
    Jeanne Porter says:

    I just love you♥️🤗! You're such an inspiration, blessing and fantastic teacher. I love the lifestyle you are blessed to live. It's something I've always wanted to do, but couldn't. Thank you for the recipes and the pumpkin tips😳 I watched a lady make a pumpkin into a tureen the other day, but it clearly wasn't meaty enough-it leaked everywhere. Yours looks AMAZING!! Everything looked sooo delicious and beautiful, Jenilee!! And your little babydoll, oh my heart💓♥️!!! Thank you for sharing 💞🙏🏼💞


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