Are you a fan of a saucy lasagne?

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Well this lasagne soup is a sauce-lovers heaven! It’s a simpler form of lasagne, all cooked in one pan and topped off with plenty of …

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  1. Adam Hunter
    Adam Hunter says:

    Question… I hear you using mature cheddar cheese often. Do you have a specific brand that you prefer? I’m in the US, but I can often get my hands on brands that aren’t common here. Thanks! ❤️

  2. Carolyn Gardner
    Carolyn Gardner says:

    Hi was looking at your video when you were making the crispy beef. For one Chinese only use the white part of the egg and secondly they do not use black pepper, they use white pepper instead because the thing the black pepper look like something dirty.

  3. Julie Hale
    Julie Hale says:

    Have you thought of inventing recipes for people on Keto.
    There are many recipes out there that are the same as yours and while yours are scrumptious they are for people that don’t eat a Keto life.
    Americans are lucky they have tons of YouTube people who do recipes for Keto and that’s helpful. We have no shops who supply Keto foods and the prices are astronomical especially on Amazon, while I don’t mind paying for “normal” foods that are low carb I want some recipes that are Keto from a U.K. YouTuber so we know that person has managed to buy in this country.
    I’m sure you can’t do it all the time but maybe now and again.
    Keep up the wonderful recipes ❤

  4. Matthew Banno
    Matthew Banno says:

    Sorry Nicki, it’s Bloody awful. What’s the Cream for? You are adding the cheese for creaminess. Also why bother using Lasagna sheets? Just use another shape of pasta, it’s easier to prepare and eat. Just don’t over do it. Sorry, very disappointing.😮


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