Alex Guarnaschelli's Whole Duck with Green Peppercorn Glaze | Alex's Day Off | Food Network


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The key to Alex’s duck recipe? Giving it a warm soy sauce and honey bath before roasting it in a hot oven until the meat is juicy and the skin is perfectly crispy!
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24 replies
  1. Karl
    Karl says:

    Kay – I've read the other comments and I think I speak for everyone. Alex! – Alex! – Alex! Loving the soul filled funk soundtrack too! Going into the duck zone right now but before I go, one more time… Alex! – Alex! – Alex!

  2. Bobbie Thomas
    Bobbie Thomas says:

    The oven temp looks like 450, but I think it could be the angle of the camera. I don't know if the temp makes a difference in the final outcome, but I'll do what Alex said. I also plan on putting the duck in the fridge overnight as Alex suggested to get a nice crispy skin. I have found that putting poultry in the fridge over night does indeed yield a crispy skin. Wish me luck, I'm making this tomorrow, (Easter). I'm making the ducks' bath now, then, into the fridge!

  3. Mike G
    Mike G says:

    We're going to eat the duck, not f— it so cut out the bad porn. And what's with the constant head cocking? Your worst video ever. It's food, its not sex, its not religion, its not weird camera work.


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