Aldi Frugal Dinner Challenge//32 Meals for $20

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Extreme budget cooking is still possible in 2022 – and one dollar can still buy you dinner! Aldi is still a clear winner when it comes …

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  1. Wild Sea Glass
    Wild Sea Glass says:

    As a family of three (I also have a son) on a tight budget, I find this video so wonderful, inspiring and helpful. I never thought to do such a challenge. I just go day by day, but this challenge is such a novelty, definitely trying it!
    I usually go for dry legumes, that I buy in bulk, it's more bang for my money, and might get a few veggies for what I save, like carrots, broccoli or some lettuce. So that's my tip for people who want to do this for even less!!!

  2. Hobocamp Mama
    Hobocamp Mama says:

    This was great! Our Aldi is much more expensive in CT! This was very limited and you did a great job. I think next time you can cheat and buy the rice and see how many times you will use it and divide that price! Also poor Daniel- lost his pudding!!

  3. steve gorkowski
    steve gorkowski says:

    You did a great job!
    Wow,the price for basic canned foods is high. I never noticed the price because I just use the bulk beans I have on hand.
    When I was at a loss on what to make I always liked the simple 7 ( 7 ingredients or less) cookbook to get good basic recipes to do basic meal plans.
    I recommend that you try to grow herbs. Plant them with your flowers, they also flower and blend in. I now have herbs in the house drying ready to use all winter long. Home grown herb tastes so much better and adds a more complex taste to basic dishes than store bought herbs.

    Daniel did a great job!

  4. Lori Kuehn
    Lori Kuehn says:

    I love watching your channel and this budget meal challenge was great! I am a vegan and I really liked the idea with the bean sauce, I cant wait to try it. I hope Daniel gets his pudding! 🙂

  5. Mary Fields
    Mary Fields says:

    I add diced fresh mushrooms to the boxed rice pilaf and "helper" type mixes. I know you're working with under-one-dollar items. The Fresh white mushrooms in my area at Aldi's are under $1.50 and they work great.

  6. Pen
    Pen says:

    You can extend that avocado a little bit more by mixing it with a little bit of tomatoes and a vegan mayonnaise inside of a blender and you'll really fluff it up and then you could spread it over a lot more recipes than just slicing up the avocado

  7. Vanessa Barnes
    Vanessa Barnes says:

    I like the basic idea of this challenge. BUT, I think you would have gotten more bang for your buck if you allowed yourself the 20.00 limit only instead of the 1.00 per item limit. For example the original can of tomatoes you wanted plus the avocado would have averaged to 2.00 for both, still keeping you in your range. By doing this I think you might have been able to add the fresh carrots. Also, on the same idea what about a 1lb or 2lb bag of beans, could have been less. I am in a different state so I don't have a full pricing in your state, but I am thinking of more stretching of the dollars. I appreciate the ideas and gleaned a few that I will add next time I go shopping. Thank you so much.


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