Ah-mazing TRANSFORMATIONS! Reacting to Black Women Weight Loss on Tiktok!

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  1. J Richards
    J Richards says:

    Hey Tiff, love this new format! Your commentary is so positive and uplifting 💕 You can always use your haul videos for before and after content – like trying on the same outfit (before and after). Hope you're having a great week 🤗

  2. JessiCanCreate
    JessiCanCreate says:

    TIFFANY! Here I am, watching your video while I'm doing my make up (as usual!) and I see this! You are the sweetest and (obviously) one of my favorite content creators in this space. You add SO much value to the weight loss community across social media, and I truly appreciate all that you put into your videos (because girl….when I tell you that I always wish I had your discipline when it comes to ACTUALLY prepping food and adding more variety to what I eat on my journey. You def inspire me sis! Sidenote on your comments about the dancing: I bet your two step game is something serious, I can just tell! Do you like to line dance? Some days, I will literally just line dance (I'm talking Cupid Shuffle, Electric Slide, etc.) for 30-45 minutes straight. Not always the choreo! You'd be amazed at how many calories your body can burn with simple things. I have major imposter syndrome when it comes to trying to teach choreography….I think it's because I'm not a trained dancer, but it's something I've definitely thought about trying because it's just so much fun! Thanks for this massive encouragement. I'm getting ready to (finally!) get back to posting again, and this got me more motivated. And shoutout to the other ladies you reacted to! Def want to track them down and follow their journey as well!

  3. Eula Guider
    Eula Guider says:

    Looking beautiful and glowing as always! I enjoy the Tik Tok videos as well. They are motivating. Thank you for sharing another great, motivating, inspiring video. 🙏👏🙌💜

  4. AnjiBae
    AnjiBae says:

    Heyyy sis I like this content plus it gives you a variety and hopefully a break of some sort congratulations to all the ladies on there weight loss and I’m here for whatever you bring. smooches! 🥰

  5. Mary Williams
    Mary Williams says:

    U did an awesome job too Sis your face is slim & double chin is gone gone. U have been my biggest motivation. Thank U for sharing these ladies transformations with us. That was extra motivation. All these ladies did their thing… Congratulations to all of U!!!

  6. forevergorjas
    forevergorjas says:

    I loved this video. TikTok has really motivated me within the past 2 months of my journey. It really is amazing to see how consistency, patience and discipline can transform you. Also thanks for introducing me to more great women

  7. norma smith
    norma smith says:

    Yes everyone looked glam but girl don't forget about u u doing a terrific job with ur weight loss and etc I'm proud of u in everything u doing on ur channel ur face is getting smaller as well I I see ur transformation and like I said I'm proud of u keep doing u and pray for the tubers and all the people in Florida pray and love ye one another I know God has control he want let any hurt harm or danger come before us take care girl hello to you and all the family don't In zGod we trust God blesses us all!!!!!!!

  8. Acquired Taste
    Acquired Taste says:

    Yeeeessss congratulations to all the ladies they look amazing and you too Sis I been following you for a while girl and been through the ups and downs with you and you definitely keep me motivated but lm 46 God willing 47 next month and I have been going through my process of getting bariatric surgery it's so hard girl I did keto because of you lost 45 and gained back 50 in a year time and plus I got into a new relationship and you know how that goes 🤣 but l'm still here with you girl and will continue thank you for all the content you give us.

  9. Maria Lovely
    Maria Lovely says:

    Hello Sis, loved this upload today, these ladies making me want to go to the gym. Weight has been an issue most of my life but I am thankful to be in a size 10 from a size 20 but l still need to get in the gym. I think maintaining is the hardest part for myself


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