A Mediterranean Summertime Meal that Won't Heat up your House!!

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  1. meek thegreek
    meek thegreek says:

    Don't have air fryer or IP, only oven. Lemon chix and lemon potatoes are a fav. Do you have recipe for the same using an oven? I have tried variety of recipes but never lemony enough for me.

  2. Nick Iltsopoulos
    Nick Iltsopoulos says:

    Dimitra, I've been watching your video's for years. My dad used to make some of the recipies and foods and my mouth waters each time you cook. He wasn't too patient with baking so didn't make too many of the deserts. He didn't have a reciepe for anything just added ingredients and I used to watch him to pickup all the cooking tips. Καλό καλοκαίρι !

  3. ivanete roark
    ivanete roark says:

    Dimitra, can I freeze foul? I make mine with the goodness left on the pan when I roast lamb and veggies, if you wouldn’t recommend freezing, I can always bring to people at work because it is quite a lot for one person

  4. KelZ X
    KelZ X says:

    I love your energy Dimitra. You’re such a joy to watch. I’m going to try the Spanakopita and will send pictures and feedback from FRAMILY (my friend are my family).


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