A Day when we had Guests for a Stay-over | Chicken Mandi | Beef Spaghetti

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Riyas and Jesi are my favourite couple with whom we could spend days and days. We learn so much from people coming into our life. They are one of my …

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  1. mohammed waheed
    mohammed waheed says:

    U r talking about the facts happening in this world nwdys….and also in some home….females eat the left over rice where as they cook fresh food for men…(i mean left over rice frm lunch)….but alhamdulillah in our house we work equally..i help my mom in everything like chopping washing vessels….and nt nly me even my elder brother tooo….i think this is what it should be….but some people still says…why u guys working like girls in the home..kitchen and washing vessels are meant to be for girls….but i dont care…i want to help mom…i dont care about what peopl says….

  2. Jenny Wren
    Jenny Wren says:

    All your cooking seems to be the same spices. In the UK we like a spice dish now and then but not for every meal. Why do you spice every dish? Why not cook it plain to let the flavour (natural flavour) to me it all looks the same cooking with garlic turmeric and chilli etc., in a got country i would have thought you would eat salad at each meal. Love your channel bless.

  3. by muneer
    by muneer says:

    Very super dishes and my kids are big fans of spaghatti and will try it for sure. Can I tell u something for mandhi instead of making with the fresh chicken u can marinate with ginger garlic paste and lemon juice it will be more soft. Me too is not a big chef like u but just told my opinion 😍😍


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