45 Meals for $50 | Quick and EASY Recipes | A Budget Friendly Meal Plan | Turkey Recipes

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This meal plan includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes! I spent about $50 and took advantage of as many sale items as …

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  1. Karen Bowers
    Karen Bowers says:

    I'm I doing something wrong when I try to make a pot pie with potatoes to freeze it never turns out. The potatoes always have a funny texture. My granny made potato pancakes all the time I loved them as a kid and don't laugh but I'd dip them in ketchup. Happy Thanksgiving

  2. Debi Morsette
    Debi Morsette says:

    If you put your aromatics in the microwave for a few mins before putting into the turkey cavity, it gives off more flavor into the bird. I do the same thing when I roast a chicken. Debi in Vicksburg, MS. 🥰🥰


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