🍂 Autumn charity shop haul + Zara, Coast & Karen Millen for £1* 🍂

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  1. Francis Raffle
    Francis Raffle says:

    Hi faye went to louth in March I was on a 5 day holiday in skegness I went in all the charity shops .and to a book shop near the bus station I got 3 books for a pound . Faye you make me laugh I did when you said you've got loads of dresses all sizes .oh that dream book looks interesting I always dream I'm in my old house I don't know why .I dreamed once when my son was little i had twins i was struggling to get on the bus with them and the buggy then i woke up well years later i met my now hubby and i nearly dropped when he said he had atwin brother love fran xxx

  2. Stella (ASMR) Andrews
    Stella (ASMR) Andrews says:

    Had to laugh when Steve sat on that seat. I have a book on dreams, if your book is the same as mine you search by what your dream was about, for instance you said everything was big, then look up what is means when you see everything big in your dream x

  3. Toni
    Toni says:

    Hey loverly hope your well?i keep dreaming all my teeth keep falling out its weird x thanks for taking us along really enjoyed it 😀 x try gumtree hun for sofa's love ya babe 😘 x

  4. TheChuchuna
    TheChuchuna says:

    hello my friend 🥰 i love charity shopping my favourite thing to do . i do get these dreams where i want to shout and nothing comes out of my mounth and i get the bit where is slow and wierd in a way 💯 i dream that too xx

  5. Janet Marple
    Janet Marple says:

    Charity shops are a rip off in my area,a table for £95,Zara boots £60;ridiculous I think it is the manager selling her own stuff.There is broken bric a brac put out,soiled clothes and general rubbish and the smell,my life

  6. AllThingsAbbey
    AllThingsAbbey says:

    Hey sweet, Steve and that chair🤣🤣! Completely get you with the social media stunting your mental health and proactiveness I need stop watching the shorts on here🤣 it be 9am then 4pm what happened 🤣, great haul hun and some amazing bits, hope your okay, lots of love❤️❤️❤️xx

  7. Storm-Rose Knapp-Fisher
    Storm-Rose Knapp-Fisher says:

    Omg Faye, I want to go to the charity shops you have! I just visited the shops this morning and everything was like £10+ in nearly every charity shop. A lot of items would have been cheaper to buy from new 🤦🏼‍♀️
    I understand that they want to get as much many as they can but a lot of people shop in charity shops because they can’t afford new clothes. 😢

  8. A bit of This, And That mags channel,
    A bit of This, And That mags channel, says:

    Never had tic toc I looked at the reviews said it was highly addictive like you I wanted more from life you get irrationally from too much Internet it's time then put the phone away..I never buy tea or coffee in town 😁the price of it yes we could buy a couple of jars for that money no way I'm giving it 😁love the red dress can't wait to see try on mags xx

  9. dee szat
    dee szat says:

    Hi great video as usual .Love the knickers what fab colours. Jealous of your charity shops we only have 2 and you need a mortgage to shop there,only time I enjoy going is when we are out and about and can pick up some stuff is when we go to Brighton or Bournemouth. Made me smile as always ☺️ luv yah keep doing what your doing 💗 .

  10. christine rewell
    christine rewell says:

    I got a brown leather 3 piece suite 5 yrs ago off eBay for £150. It looked new then and it still looks amazing now. 😍 I made a chocolate tray bake with salted caramel frosting tonight. The kit was 79p from Heron! It even came with a cardboard tray to cook it in! Haven't tasted it yet 😂. After seeing your Heron video I had to go and bought a load of crap 😂😂😂

  11. Hayley Morris
    Hayley Morris says:

    So sorry I'm spamming your comment section, but I'm commenting as I watch.
    I'm exactly like you, I picture the outfit in my head with matching makeup and all sorts.
    I'm in Wales, but I would literally travel the world to be in your company ( not in a stalker way, pmsl! )
    Please NEVER change. Xxxxxxxx

  12. Judith Dransfield
    Judith Dransfield says:

    Love the chazzer shop hall. The pink top that you showed first would look so nice over a white bikini or white summer dress. I laughed so much when you looked back a couple of times and Steve was still sat on the chair. Take care lovely lady x


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