You will Never Buy Breadsticks After Watching This | Homemade Breadsticks With Chocolate Sauce

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Ingredients: 1/2tsp – Yeast 1/2tsp – Sugar 1/4-1/2cup -Water 1cup – Bread or Hard Flour. You may use All Purpose Flour 1/2tsp …

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  1. Kyrstie Addison
    Kyrstie Addison says:

    Sweet adjeley I love the video I will this soon when get my own place have found me new adopted ghanaian mom ND her family is my family to I hope to meet you one day in person that will be nice love you

  2. Iris Orchidees
    Iris Orchidees says:

    My sweet i am now convinced that you are heaven sent..with all these wonderful recipes..and you do everyone of them neatly and with be honest..i am dumbfouded watching you..may the good Lord give you more years so we could watch more..thanks you and all your family thanks..

  3. MariamEdibles
    MariamEdibles says:

    Back to school indeed, immediately I saw this video I just remembered my primary school days. Back there, there was this woman that sells bread sticks and other snacks in our school, how I wish time could go back 😔, your recipe has brought some memories I miss my old friends too. Thanks for sharing🥰

  4. Cassandra Yeboah
    Cassandra Yeboah says:

    Wooow ❤️❤️💓💓 it looks so delicious n I tried the tilapia rice recipe it was so delicious my brother really enjoyed it 💓💓 thanks so much n God continue to bless you and your family. I'll definitely try this out 😊😊😊

  5. VirtuousSkills
    VirtuousSkills says:

    😂this time around women should teach their kids how to cook, both girls and boys,kitchen is not for only women any longer. The outcome of the bread sticks are really my take, Enjoy sist❤️

  6. Joe Jo
    Joe Jo says:

    Hi Sweetie, a beautiful step by step teaching on how to prepare dough for bread or bread sticks dip them in the home made chocolate syrup and you may also accompany it with 2 scopes of ice cream 🍦🍦with chocolate Syrup. Baby boy you know good food learn to cook soon and when you grow up you will never be hungry 😂. Well done Sweetie 👏👏keep them coming God bless you and your family always. Amen . ❤️💛💜💚🧡


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