you can kimchi anything (T&C applies)

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shorts #kimchi #cooking Recipe available at: or type kohlrabi kimchi doobydobap …

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  1. 박성화
    박성화 says:

    I feel like it's REALLY common knowledge for Koreans that all of our families have slight varieties of kimchi now.. in the West, just as I've lived here for the majority of my life now!, I'm most often just told that my friends would hate it, not because it's spicy or pickled, but because it's cabbage.. however, my family often (most ALWAYS) goes for 오이 김치, or Oi Kimchi – which is cucumber based! (Literal translation is just cucumber kimchi) and it's SO good..

    Fr, make kimchi out of your fave vegetables, fruity, whatever the fuck you want – if it tastes good.. then stick with it! It's likely some other family also does the same! Enjoy our nation's food like it's meant to be enjoyed.. to feel homely and warm, happy, etc!

  2. Giu
    Giu says:

    I have been looking up recipes for kimchi and there were few ingredients in every recipe I can't find that was stopping me from trying! Thank you lol now I can find replacements!


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