Work from home Day in my Life – 1 phone call and Email ne Khush kar diya – Choti Choti khushiyan

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  1. krupa bhimani
    krupa bhimani says:

    Hi suchi
    After lonng time i seeing vlog and doing messages

    You all snd your mom dad r very brave 👏
    I motivated always by you
    You r world's very best mom, daughter, wife etc. Etc.. no any words for your praise.
    I pray to our god for successful operation for mom .
    Alway be stronger.
    Love to kudos.
    So cute both

  2. Nina Chand
    Nina Chand says:

    This news was so good to hear Suchity!!!!! Grateful Aunty Ji gets to have her surgery finally, and that there's a team of HLHH crew in the city to help you out! Sometimes we can't see which direction life is going, but He sees it all he's the ultimate director….I feel God knew best place for Aunty Ji was in the care of your hands, and yours only so He sent her to you at exactly right time. It will all work out in the end. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. dreamssss
    dreamssss says:

    Aj ke vlog mein mam apki smile missing thi ap dil se happy nii ho i knew bt dont worry mam god bless your mom vod vive strength to you nd ur mom also ❤❤❤❤❤

  4. Moodie_ August 14
    Moodie_ August 14 says:

    Kis ki surgery hai inki mummy ka ..stay strong dear.. I don't watch your vlog regularly so i don't know what happen to your mother??if anybody who is her regular friend n subscribe can tell me… prayers for her may allah give her shifa soon

  5. Deepa Nair
    Deepa Nair says:

    Hi,pls give ur mom one tomato everyday early morning on empty stomach, believe me it works for haemoglobin..mine was 6.4 I started with eating tomato 20 days it went to 9..pls try

  6. Ritika Ritika
    Ritika Ritika says:

    yes Suchi, enjoyed a lot, I love to hear your talks…😀 Aunty sach me bahut strong hai, hamesha smile karte rehte hai. Please God jaldi se unhe thik kar do, surgery successfully ho jaye..

  7. Angry Cat
    Angry Cat says:

    I'm going through a tough time, too. And I don't have a mom. So, I often think about how your mum would guide me through this situation and move forward feeling every pain, but still holding on strongly. Please give her my love and best wishes ❤️

  8. ChinadollTwo
    ChinadollTwo says:

    Good morning Suchi, your Parents and lovely family. Keeping you all in my prayers, especially your mom. Good Luck on her surgery next month🙏💖 You, Anuj and your parents must be relieved that they are there with you. Our eyes are the “windows to our soul” and I can see your pain. You are but human, so it’s okay to share your problems with us, your extended family! Take care & God Bless! Keep sharing your yummy recipes👍 Talking about watermelons, it’ “ginormous” and next to impossible to get smaller or even medium, sometimes it’s even difficult to lift . We avoid buying it so when friends get it for us, we share with our close neighbors.

  9. Radha Haldar
    Radha Haldar says:

    Hi Suchi, it’s easier said than done…but still I am confident Ma will be okay prayers for her speedy recovery is always there…Khub bhalo theko….god bless you all ❤


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