What’s For Dinner? (Sausage) 😂 Easy & Budget Friendly Meal Ideas

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  1. Karen Helm
    Karen Helm says:

    I have to try all 3….. the lasagna toss looks sooooo delicious. I always love your salads, I always crave one after I see them. Hummmm this week I made Chili during the icy day which is actually today, and it hit the spot.

  2. Pulse with a Purpose
    Pulse with a Purpose says:

    Gotta love meals that double as leftovers. I made lil smokies, meatballs, homemade Mac n cheese and loaded potatoes for SuperBowl Sunday and ate off that for a few days so that was my personal winner dinner for the week. 😊

  3. Jade C
    Jade C says:

    Cabbage and sausage are such good stable pieces lately. Cheaper than most things right now and tastes delicious. I put cabbage in a pot and steam it and cook my sausage and add some gravy on top and serve it all on some white rice.

  4. Debbie Reilly
    Debbie Reilly says:

    I make the boiled dinner a lot (momma always called it a boiled dinner) never tryed in the crockpot I'll be giving it a try always add bay leaves and everything you added yummy. Thank you for sharing Paisley have a blessed evening stay safe and healthy. I like that you rinse out the jar kuddos 👌👌🙏❤🙏❤💝💞💐🧡💛💙💕💜💚🦋🤗😊🥰

  5. Chasity Taylor
    Chasity Taylor says:

    One pot pasta is a joy. Gotta try this lasagna toss. We are eating more sausage lately. I think it’s because we get so much flavor for the money. My favorite meal at our house this week was smoked sausage with peppers and onions, sautéed cabbage with butter and soy sauce, mashed potatoes, and garlic breadsticks. 😊💜

  6. karina sulger
    karina sulger says:

    your dinners looked amazing!!! now i have to say if anne burell saw u with ur chopping , she would come over there and put a red line down your finger , as ur index finger should never go on the top of the knife … heheheehehe , ty for sharing your recipes , they looked so delish!!!

  7. Robin sweet cal
    Robin sweet cal says:

    And that's when your best meals are prepared is when you just get in the kitchen and throw stuff together it's so good that way my children they always call me I don't know what to cook it's time to throw anything in a pot and you have a meal


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