WHAT’S FOR DINNER? #270 | 7 Real-Life Family Meal Ideas

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  1. Mallory Juel
    Mallory Juel says:

    This is such a weird question I know but the blue tray that you prep your chicken on.. how do you wash it? Just dish washer or hand wash ? I'm so weird with raw chicken I feel like nothing is clean after touching it !

  2. Rachel Bolick
    Rachel Bolick says:

    Hey Taylor, I love this week’s meals. You have a lot of different delicious meals that I would love to try. For example, the bacon Alfredo tortellini, it looks and sounds so good, plus it doesn’t take that long to make. ❤️ chicken club sandwiches are a new recipe that I have never heard of before and I would love to try. ❤ you can’t go wrong with Easter Leftovers, it’s a good way to use up some of the food that you made and clean out your fridge. One of the favorite this week from most people in the comments is the Fritos bowls. It looks so delicious and it reminds me of a walking taco as well. I would love to try this but with plain tortilla chips. ❤️ I really enjoyed this week’s suggestions and I can’t wait to try some if not all of these recipes. If you don’t mind me asking where do you find the inspiration for all of your recipes?


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