WHAT’S FOR DINNER? #268 | 7 Real-Life Family Meal Ideas

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Hey friends, happy Sunday. This week I have some delicious and easy meals to share with you. Let me know if you plan on trying …

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  1. melinda ridinger
    melinda ridinger says:

    They all looked delicious. The taco Mac n cheese, I use velveta Mac and cheese. Lol. The French onion casserole sounds delicious. I might change it up and add frozen broccoli and use rice instead of pasta.😊

  2. michelle shay
    michelle shay says:

    Everything looks so good thank you. And I completely agree with you about burgers. If you use good ground beef you don’t need anything extra to Make then taste good! I’ve never understood the concept of trying to make them more like a meatloaf burger. 😂

  3. Still Single Stephanie
    Still Single Stephanie says:

    Everything looks so good, especially that chicken noodle casserole! Sour cream and an onion soup packet is almost always how I make French onion dip, that’s the dip we usually had when I was growing up 😊

  4. Ãü Barb
    Ãü Barb says:

    Everything looks so good, Taylor. I'll be making spaghetti with meat sauce, and steak fajitas for myself this week and I'll eat the leftovers for a few days until they're gone. Hope you and your family have a good week. Take care! 😊❤

  5. Debbie Reilly
    Debbie Reilly says:

    Mmmm shrimp fried rice yummy my favorite. Thank you for sharing Taylor have a blessed day stay safe and healthy. Yummy on all the recipes. 😋😋😋🙏❤🙏❤🙏


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