What I ate today 它 low calorie density / chilli wraps & run with me

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Hi, I’m Ami, and I have lost 60 pounds following the principles of the Starch Solution & Calorie Density! I am uploaded these …

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  1. Barbara Levine
    Barbara Levine says:

    Hi Amy! Im a 66 yo grandma from the US and such a fan of your videos! Ive only known zucchini by that name but after a few weeks of watching you every day, Im now making crispy courgettes and always calling them that now. They are delicious. So funny! Love watching you with your babies. You are an amazing mom. Kudos to all you do everyday!

  2. Jengage2241
    Jengage2241 says:

    I watch you everyday and look forward to it. You give us all so much hope and energy. Love how real you are and have bought all your meal plans. Thank you for all you do for the whole food plant based community.

  3. ElaineCooksChrisEats
    ElaineCooksChrisEats says:

    So incredibly thankful I found your channel Ami. And this video was just what I needed. I appreciate hearing your different perspective on things, it makes total sense. Have felt so much better physically and mentally, tapping into this way of eating. Thank you!!

  4. robin aiello
    robin aiello says:

    Thank you so much Ami. So amazing and doable. Im less depressed I have hope that its helping me manage my Parkinsons D. Im so excited you are going on CHEF AJ. You have both have given me hope. I didnt think it was an option. I feel like I can face my diagnosis better now.

  5. sylvia jansen
    sylvia jansen says:

    I watch you a long time now and i try to eat tpur way but i stil have cravings for bad food grrr.i could stop eating Meat and dairy but not chocolate and cookies.i would love to follow you on a fbgroup our something to get better in this way of eating

  6. Nazeen Iranfar
    Nazeen Iranfar says:

    Very excited to see how you plan your meals while away thank you for another great video . Monday mornings are yours now to do what you cant do other days 予 I so understand that ! Enjoy

  7. Layla Darby
    Layla Darby says:

    Wash the salad before you put it in the fridge, be careful with the cleavers large quantities can be toxic. There's a side effect with everything, as you know by eating too much carrot and sweet potato. Lol

  8. Kathy Maloney
    Kathy Maloney says:

    Here in the states we get huge plastic tubs that are full of spring mix or arugula or baby kale, etc. They are organic and prewashed and ready to go. Not sure if you are able to get those there. Much easier to eat.

  9. Karen
    Karen says:

    About to watch this episode. Made a huge batch of your hummus tonight after work and have all the ingredients for your jam bars ready to make on Saturday. I am this close to fully eating WFPB, thanks so much to you.

    Ive been following quite a few WFPB channels for years with the intention of going all the way but havent done so yet. I think your daily vlogs are just working on me, and Ive had a gap of not watching your channel due to my mind roaming around in other thoughts.

    Rambling here but bottom line is thank you 兀nd thank you

    Edited to add – yes would love to see your plan for living in a caravan for your holiday. Im a single person with a tent and havent mustered up the gumption to go camping yet, let alone planning a WFPB menu for even one night of camping. Xx

  10. Pamela Fornell Haugeland
    Pamela Fornell Haugeland says:

    Very excited to see how you travel as that is my biggest challenge. I am going to be on a boat on the Norfolk Broads for a week in July with 3 other people who are not even vegan. I will have to bring a blender with me from Norway at the least… Should be 'interesting'!

  11. Bev Nelson
    Bev Nelson says:

    I have to agree with the other commenters… you are the very best startch solution channel ever! Mainly because of keeping your meals simple, with ingredients that pretty well anyone in the world can get. And a video every day to boot! Thanks so much from a faithful ( 74 year old!) follower in Canada Have a lovely holiday

  12. Melody Foster
    Melody Foster says:

    You definitely need a holiday. I cant wait to learn how you prepare for it, the meal plan and the food you take. This is one of my hardest areas – staying on track when traveling.

  13. jaura Sherry
    jaura Sherry says:

    Oh my!! U r such an inspiration hun! Love the way u r be a kid with Romi. Every time I see an episode I think Im gonna make it the next day and there you have those new gorgeous looking and mouth watering recipe the next episode. Really puts me a day behind . LOL
    Sherry ( USA)

  14. Kathleen Oboyle
    Kathleen Oboyle says:

    What air fryer do you use? Cant get anything crispy in mine. If you could please share temperatures and times, would so appreciate it. In my air fryer, everything is soggy.

  15. Jessica Skok
    Jessica Skok says:

    A couple of things………1) I started walking every day on Jan. 1 this year. Absolutely didn't want to do it. But I did it. Now ending May, I'm up to 3 miles walking everyday and absolutely loving it. I look forward to it. I feel so energized when I'm done. 2) made your broccoli risotto for dinner today and my husband and I both loved it!

  16. Kelly Fusca
    Kelly Fusca says:

    You are fast becoming my favourite YouTuber, the way you look at life is incredible, just the way you said running shouldn't be a chore but a gift just hit me so hard.
    I've been caring for my elderly mum who s in a wheelchair and all she would love to do is walk again.
    So it's a beautiful way of looking at the world
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the inspiring videos I'm very grateful


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