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If you want to try my homemade old bay seasoning here’s the link https://youtu.be/zpY8WnvgYI4 YOU CAN NOW ALSO VISIT ME …

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  1. Ridgley Hawthorne
    Ridgley Hawthorne says:

    Yum!😋, vegan fish cakes! I am always looking for different ways to make vegan seafood recipes, with vegan fish cakes among them.
    I like that you remind us of our freedom of adapting recipes to make our own, This is very important to me as my spouse has severe allergies to seafood. So any adaptation reminders always helps…🤔
    To you or (any other viewers), I am very interested in finding vegan fish cakes or other tasty recipes ( in taste or smell), that can use vegan savory ingredients to make 'whatever-cakes', (for example, croquettes, etc) for the both of us!l. 😋😋
    Meanwhile, I am going to enjoy making (& eating) this recipe!! 😋
    And I hope soon that someone comes up with vegan whatever-cakes ideas that the both of us can enjoy! 😉
    Again, to you & other viewers, Thanks !😊 😋

  2. e2 linuxos
    e2 linuxos says:

    Connie everything you make looks and tastes delicious.
    I ate my dinner whilst watching this and now I'm hungry again.
    Would love to see a vegan fishless soup recipe.


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