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  1. Diana Jones
    Diana Jones says:

    So funny that you were over the fall decorations. I was too! I had to order a new Christmas tree this year and when it was delivered I had to put it up! Now I can enjoy Thanksgiving and Christmas. I loved my old tree but the lights went out but it lasted a long time. Out with the old in with the new.

  2. M T
    M T says:

    I may heat up my house to 72 briefly, but during the day if someone is home, it's 68-70. At night, 65 or less. But I'd go down to 60 just fine …cold sleeping is better for me. I love the cold weather although not if I have to drive and deal with ice.
    I'm trying to gather my fragments and empty my fridge before Thanksgiving! How blessed to have more than one fridge! ❤

  3. Janell Michael
    Janell Michael says:

    I wanted to thank you for recommending "The War of the Realms" series by Chuck Black. OMGoodness! They were amazing! It gave me a whole new perspective on what may be going on in the heavenlies that we are totally unaware of. How many times have the angels had to do battle to save me (mostly from my own dumb mistakes)? Blessings, Janell


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