Turkeynecks Stew made with Oxtails Seasonings!!!

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Thank you for watching ❤️ Oxtails are so expensive..So here is an Alternative to Oxtails…The Oxtails seasoning makes the …

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  1. Joy Sumpter
    Joy Sumpter says:

    I have never ate oxtail or oxtail seasoning before. I have had turkey neck meat in like dressing or giblet gravy but never with oxtail seasoning. I'm curious about what it all taste like. Your stew looks AMAZING Ms. Lena!! Waste not want not was how I was raised. We didn't waste anything. So I've had a few interesting dishes. Lol But to many this is common food. This is southern comfort food at it's finest! I want to try it!! Blessings & prayers always! 💜🙏🏻


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